The Boys Of 'Girls' Might Need To Get It Together Too

'Girls' stars Alex Karpovsky, Evan Jonigkeit and Andrew Rannells preview what's next for the HBO series.

While the leading ladies are all trying to figure it out this season on "Girls," their male counterparts are there trying to offer up some moral support. Or, so it seems.

Sure, Marnie, Hannah, Shoshanna and Jessa all seem to be unraveling right before the viewers' eyes, but are the guys any better off?

MTV News checked in with some of the boys of "Girls" to find out what they will be up to during season three of the HBO series, which airs Sundays on the network.

Alex Karpovsky, who plays Shosh's sarcastic ex, Ray, teased that he'll be trying to work things out after being dumped in season two. "Speaking from Ray's point of view, I think they have so much in common and they also have so many differences that somehow they complement each other in a very strange and interesting and weird way," he said. "So, I definitely think that there's more that's gonna happen along those lines. I don't know how fast or how quickly and how long term, but it'll happen."

In the meantime, Shoshanna isn't letting the breakup get her down. She's dating now and it just might get to Ray. "We'll see a response to Ray in his own way; it'll be covert, implicit and misguided but it'll be there," he said. "So because of those words that she tells him [when they broke up], it does not only lead him to get his business together professionally, but also internally and emotionally [it will happen]."

One of Shoshanna's love interests will be played by her real-life boyfriend and "X-Men: Days of Future Past" star Evan Jonigkeit. And, from the sounds of it, his character sounds like a ray of sunshine compared to her curmudgeonly ex.

"It's a blast! There's nobody I'd rather be the love interest of. She's awesome. It's a lot of fun and it's a really fun set to work on and everybody makes everybody feel really comfortable," he said. "It's [a] fun [relationship] and it's surprising, I think. And the character's a really silly guy; it's cool."

But it's not all about the guys the girls are dating. Hannah's former-boyfriend-turned-gay-bestie, Elijah will also be returning later this season to stir the pot once again.

"I mean he left on not great terms with Hannah and Marnie and it wasn't great," Andrew Rannells teased. "So he's just trying to make his way back into the group. So I would like to say that he's relatively well-behaved this season 'cause he's just trying to get back into the [group]," he said. "I mean he's still a d--k, but he's just trying to get back into their good graces."