Which Warpaint Single Caused An Elderly Woman To Call The Cops?

The L.A. band talk their new record and ethereal image.

Given that Warpaint sounds kind of like a more rock 'n' roll Enya (in a good way), it's no surprise that descriptions of the L.A. band tend toward the mystical. Seances, shadows, fairies and wraiths — these are all words that have been trotted out to describe the quartet. "Upsetting to the geriatric set," however, might be more applicable.

"That was just something that we were playing for probably 45 minutes and then the cops showed up," drummer Stella Mozgawa told MTV News of "Disco//Very," a jam off of the band's new self-titled record and your new favorite song. "They said that there was an elderly woman down the street that was feeling nauseous because of the music and they'd like us to stop."

Cranky neighbors aside, the record that Warpaint wove together in Joshua Tree — via sprawling jam sessions like the aborted one described above — is a vivid soundscape. The followup to their benthos-dreamy 2010 debut The Fool, Warpaint is a sparser deal, replete with chant-like songs influenced by hip-hop and trip-hop that would work just as well in a (non-terrible) club as they would in a sweat lodge.

Despite being admittedly "intense," however, the women of Warpaint are often entertained by how dark they're often perceived to be. NB: Singer Emily Kokal received a Ouija board for her birthday.

"There is some of that to us," said vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Theresa Wayman. "[But] we joke around a lot," she added. "We're pretty weird. Sometimes crude and just dorky.... But there's this whole other side that maybe doesn't come across in our music."

Warpaint drops on January 21.