'It's F---ing On:' Foo Fighters Ready To Roll With 'Badass' New Album

Dave Grohl and Co. let fans know they're hard at work on follow-up to Wasting Light.

Here we go.

After taking a break (but not breaking up), the Foo Fighters are fully recharged and well underway on their eighth album ... at least if their Instagram account is to be believed.

Late Thursday, the Foos gave fans an update on the progress they're making on the follow-up to the Grammy-winning Wasting Light, posting a pic that showed a row of ATR magnetic tapes, with a caption that gets right to the point: "It's F---ing ON."

Based on that photo, it seems that Dave Grohl and Co. aren't straying from the back-to-basics approach they took while making Light, once again recording on analog, reel-to-reel tape (no word on whether Grohl's garage is serving as the studio this time around). But, based on everything Grohl's said about the new album, it would appear the similarities end there.

For nearly two years now, he's been claiming that the new Foos record would be a revolutionary one. At the Grammys in 2012, he told MTV News that the band had "a really big idea" for the new album, which would once again be produced by Butch Vig. Then, earlier this year at Sundance, while he was promoting his "Sound City" film, Grohl said that there were "really awesome, big plans" already in motion.

Finally, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Grohl went even further:

"It's badass," he said of the album. "We're doing something that nobody knows about, it's f---ing rad. We begin recording soon, but we're doing it in a way that no one's done before, and we're writing the album in a way that I don't think has been done before."

There's still no title (or release date) for the Foo Fighters' eighth album, which was recently named one of MTV's Most Anticipated of 2014.