Andy Mineo Apologizes For Comments On Christian Rap

In 'RapFix Live' interview, 'I definitely could have chosen my words more carefully,' Heroes for Sale MC writes.

It's an interesting time for Andy Mineo. The New York-born Christian MC proved himself a success when he dropped his Heroes for Sale LP in 2013. The independently released album was a tightly wrapped, lyric-driven sales gem that floated under the noses of the traditional hip-hop community and media.

With all the attention has come a bit of controversy among the rapper's fanbase. In a preview clip MTV News dropped Monday to promote his Wednesday appearance on "RapFix Live," Mineo addressed the negative stigma that surrounds faith-based rap: "I hope people listen to the music. Don't write it off because there is a Christian doing it and it's been labeled that way, because if I'm honest with you, Christian rap for the most part has been corny," Mineo said in the short video.

The comments caused a stir with some of Mineo's fans, who felt he was short-changing the genre. Before the show aired Wednesday, Andy posted a message on his Facebook page, apologizing to anyone he offended with his comments regarding Christian hip-hop.

"Today my first major MTV interview is airing! I'm excited about it, but, I also want to share a few things [with] those tuning in. Those interviews are so tough," Mineo wrote preemptively Wednesday. "So much is running through my mind as I think through how to navigate each answer on the spot. I'm constantly pondering how to be honest, faithful, considerate of all parties watching and biblically accurate ... I definitely could have chosen my words more carefully to consider my audience better in this interview. I'm learning. My apologies go out to anyone who may be offended by some of my statements on air."

Still, Mineo yearns to work with rap artists who don't fall under the Christian rap umbrella: Kanye West is one of the names on his wishlist.

"For some reason, we have completely separated Christians who are rappers, and we have separated, I guess, regular rappers," Mineo told MTV News in a pre-taped segment that aired on Wednesday's "RapFix Live." "I feel that we should be able to mingle, enjoy each other's company and trade ideas. I want to encourage people that are Christians and agree with what I agree with, but I want to be mixing it up with people that don't, so we can trade ideas and we can be of influence there too."

On January 28, Mineo is planning to drop his Never Land EP, a release that is sure to raise his level of exposure, spread his message and, of course, showcase his skill. "I think that should be the first piece of the conversation, because we're talking about art, we're talking about rap, we're talking about hip-hop. 'Can you rap?' 'Yes!' Let's talk about that," he said in his interview. "I feel like God's given me a gift that I want to steward and share with the world."