Who's Harry Connick Jr.? 4 Other Ways You Know The 'American Idol' Judge

Better start Netflixing before the next episode of 'Idol!'

When you were all watching Harry Connick Jr. steal the show last night (January 15) as the new judge on "American Idol," you might also have been scratching our heads, asking the uncaring ethers: "Where have I seen that dude before?" Well, the answer is: A lot of places.

Despite being a pretty seasoned actor and musician — he provided the score for "When Harry Met Sally," among other things — Connick Jr. cracked a lot of wise Wednesday night about people not knowing who he is.

Example: When fellow judge Keith Urban asked what he did the previous evening, Connick Jr. replied, "I went to the bar and got drunk because nobody knew who I was."

Spoiler alert: The answer is not "that dude from Iron Man who was also on 'Ally McBeal' for a while.'" That was another Jr.

Connick Jr., however, was involved in a lot of cinematic endeavors that you may have caught a glimpse of over the last decade or so. Check out four examples below and Netflix them if you're not all "Ohhh, that guy!"

"P.S. I Love You"

Anyone else see the mid-2000s weep fest known as "P.S. I Love You," starring Hilary Swank as a sad, yet plucky widow who follows clues and letters left behind by her deceased husband, played by Gerard Butler? No? Just us? You probably should. She goes to Ireland! (Also, Spike from "Buffy" is in it.)

Well, Connick Jr. is in this flick, too. He plays a kind of creepy bartender named Daniel who — despite being more than a little socially inept — you're still sort of rooting for Hilary Swank to end up with. Spoiler alert: She doesn't end up with him. Because he's a creepy bartender and not a muscular Irish dreamboat.

"Will & Grace"

Remember when we all used to watch "Will & Grace," delighting to the antics of the title characters, as well as Jack and Karen? Well, Harry played Leo Markus, Grace's husband and de facto reassurance to all single people in New York that not everyone dies alone. Thanks, Harry!

"Hope Floats"

Speaking of hope. Unlike in "P.S. I Love You," Harry actually gets the girl, Sandra Bullock, in wildly depressing weeper "Hope Floats." The film tells the tale of a woman (Bullock) who gets dumped by her husband on national television — and Harry's arms are the ones Bullock falls into to stamp out the pain.

Oh, and she also has a kid, which poses some issues because kids are really not good with change and this one misses her father, even though he's a massive tool.

"The Iron Giant"

Speaking of massive tools. Not to be confused with "Iron Man," this cartoon film is about an iron giant who falls from space. Harry voices a cartoon beatnik named Dean McCoppin.