Justin Bieber Breaks Twitter Silence Following Egg Raid

Bieber, Braun and Justin's dad tweet during felony investigation.

Justin Bieber has broken his silence on Twitter following his recent egg raid. While he doesn't comment on the situation directly, Bieber did spend some time reflecting on the past.

"7 years. #alwayskidrauhl," @justinbieber tweeted in reference to the seven years since mom Pattie Mallette posted a video of him to YouTube at a talent competition under the username kidrauhl, which helped Bieber get discovered by manager Scooter Braun in 2007. Bieber also linked to a video of him serenading fans during concerts as his Journals song "Hold Tight" plays.

Bieber wasn't the only one to break his Twitter silence; Braun acknowledged that it's been "one hell of a week" (Grandma Braun was getting a little worried after his lack of tweets).

It certainly has been a crazy week for Bieber. His house was raided by police looking for egg-related evidence in connection with an ongoing felony vandalism investigation. Bieber allegedly egged a neighbor's home, resulting in $20,000 in damages. During the raid, friend Lil Za was arrested for felony drug possession. On Thursday, he took to Twitter to comment about his current situation, saying that "the media is making me someone I'm not."

Despite this problematic situation, Braun shared some encouraging words with his followers.

"Life is ups and downs. Enjoy the ride and realize it was not the destination but the journey itself that was and is the adventure," @scooterbraun tweeted.

Bieber's dad also took to social media earlier this week, simply tweeting, "Lead by example! Be Great!"

One of Bieber's friends, Milk Tyson, who defended Bieber after former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell called him "talentless" on Twitter, thanked Belibers for their support.

"Everyone is safe, resting and appreciates your constant love & support!," @MILKTYSON tweeted. "Stay positive, ignore hate and spread love! #FAM "