Prince's 'New Girl' Set Pic Has Us Speculating Like It's 1999

MTV News breaks down six things we want to see on the February 2 episode of the Fox sitcom.

It's really happening! And, now there's even a photo to prove that Prince will be stopping by "New Girl" during their February 2 episode.

In the photo, the legendary artist sits between Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and a very perplexed-looking Nick (Jake Johnson). As previously reported, he will try and help them work out the kinks in their relationship during the post-Super Bowl episode.

"[Jess is] goofy and out there, and he's this wise, quiet sort of oracle," show creator Liz Meriwether told TV Guide about Prince's appearance on the series. "Nick's a huge Prince fan. He's immediately like, 'It's an honor to give you my girlfriend.' "

So now that we know some more details about what he'll be doing. We have a wish list for the episode. Here's what MTV News hopes happens.

'The Glamorous Life'

He enlists Jess' bestie, CeCe, to join his band. She's a model in the midst of a career identity crisis. If anyone can save her from it, it's joining the New Power Generation.

'All My Dreams'

He becomes friends with Schmidt. Why? Because Schmidt's online bromance with Michael Keaton turned out to be fake.

'1+1+1 Is 3'

Nick and Jess realize that the only time they can really be happy together is if Prince is around. So, he's invited to move into the loft with them. Zaniness ensues.

'Diamonds and Pearls'

Prince wants to give Jess a makeover and break her free from her preppy, quirky wardrobe. So, he takes her to Rodeo Drive and buys her the best money can buy.

'Do Me, Baby'

He realizes that there's no fixing Jess and Nick. She falls under his spell and they run off together and get married.

'Jam Of The Year'

If none of that happens (which, we know, it likely won't), hopefully he just takes the stage and jams out.