Praise Yeezus! Kanye Fans Start Church Of Kanye

One of the new church's five rules is: 'All things created must be for the good of all.'

First came Yeezus, then came Yeezianity. Just like a joke about a Kanye West bitcoin (briefly) turned into a real digital currency, 'Ye's decision to dub himself Yeezus has inspired some fans to start a religion in the rapper's honor.

We give you "Yeezianity." An anonymous group calling itself the Church of Yeezus has launched a site in honor of their new faith explaining that they believe that, "The one who calls himself Yeezus is a divine being who has been sent by God to usher in a New Age of humanity ... We believe that a New Age is beginning where all people will unlock their creative powers and the competitive struggle for money and power will no longer be necessary."

This "Fight Club"-like secret worship society urges all members to remain anonymous and not to share their beliefs with anyone except other known members. "There is no differentiating trait or clothing or behavior that we use to identify ourselves," reads the "about" section of their official site. "We could be anyone you know, from your mailman to the mayor of your city. Only a member possesses the ability to identify another member, and all members immediately know every other member once they have entered our Church."

It is, of course, the self-proclaimed "Best Church Of All Time!!!!!," and it has its own golden rule, which is, "Create for others what you would have created for yourself." And, unlike other religions which require a birthright, conversion, or study, the only barrier to joining Yeezianity is the request that you take an unidentifiable picture of yourself holding up a piece of paper "or some other creative design" stating "I believe in Yeezus" and email in to the site.

Among the five pillars of the world's newest religion: "All things created must be for the good of all." You know, like leather jogging pants.