Lucy Hale Takes Us Back To Ryan Seacrest's Early 2000s 'Spray Tan'

'Pretty Little Liars' star met the host on 'American Juniors.'

She may be most widely known for her role on "Pretty Little Liars," but Lucy Hale wants to remind everyone that she got her start in music.

When Hale was 13, she competed on "American Juniors," what she described as "the kid version of 'American Idol,'" and was one of the five winners of the show, making her a member of the American Juniors band. When it looked as though there was no hope for the band, Lucy moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music and found a love of acting in the process.

"I've been involved with 'PLL' for, wow, four and a half years now, and that show has changed my life in the sense that it's opened up millions of doors for me to get to come back to music," the 24-year-old said. "A lot of people don't know that story about me because they're like, 'another actress goes to music' and I'm like, 'no, but you don't understand,' like, music is what led me to acting and it's just crazy that it all comes full circle."

While a standing ovation from Gladys Knight, who served as one of the show's judges, was a highlight from "American Juniors" — "I mean 'Midnight Train to Georgia' is, like, one of my favorite songs ever, so it was pretty cool" — her best memory of the competition was getting to know the show's host.

"I got to see Ryan Seacrest with the blondest hair I think he's ever had in his career and the tannest maybe. He had, like, a spray tan I want to say," she laughed. "I still know him to this day and I did his show not too long ago and was like, 'It's been 10 years since I first met you,' and he's, like, the nicest guy ever."