Oscar Nominations Bingo: Connect Snubs, Humblings And Surprises To Win

They may have been nominated, but we all know who the real winner is. (It's you.)

The day movie buffs have been waiting for all year is finally here: On Thursday morning, Chris Hemsworth and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Cheryl Boone Isaacs will read off the list of nominees for the 86th Academy Awards. (Or, wait, is it the awards ceremony that's the day we've been waiting for? Either way, we're pumped to see the list of nominees.)

While thousands of people will be breathlessly live-tweeting the nominee list and offering their instant reactions to the snubs and surprises, we have a better idea in mind for you, dear MTV News reader. After all, Twitter will be jammed with people all saying exactly the same thing. While it's a great time to tweet out your darkest secret and have it go unnoticed, there's not a lot of room for staggeringly intellectual analysis. Instead of rocking it in 140 characters or less, why not utilize the handy dandy Bingo card/scavenger hunt we've devised for you?

If your Thursday morning productivity is going to be shot anyway, you might as well get a little creative with the way you waste your time, right? There are so many ways to play: Grab a friend and pick a row to race on, or go wild and battle to complete a Crazy T. You can play on your own; time yourself to see how quickly you can fill in the whole board. Practice yelling, "Philomena said what?" and "he was HUMBLED!" in your very best Bingo caller voice.

However you play, don't forget the very best part: shouting out your victory for all to hear at the end.