Throwback Thursday: Watch OutKast Freestyle In 1999

We joined Hangout Music Festival headliners Andre 3000 and Big Boi in the studio for an off-the-top poetry session.

There are so many reasons we're excited that OutKast are back together. For one, they're headlining our favorite beach-side gathering, the 2014 Hangout Music Festival, which takes place from May 16 to May 18 in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

But, this being Throwback Thursday, the reason we're super psyched today is because we raided the tape library for some vintage mind stank from Andre 3000 and Big Boi. When we caught up with the fellas in the studio in 1999 they were coming off the success of 1998's Aquemini and finishing up work on their 2000 breakthrough, Stankonia, which gave the world such smashes as "B.O.B.," "Ms. Jackson" and "So Fresh, So Clean."

We thought that was the perfect time to check in and see what they were cooking up. And, to our surprise, while we were hanging out, Big Boi decided to freestyle some poetry about, well, a night time hang that might just bleed over into the next morning.

"You be the O and I'll be the L," said Boi in a seductive drawl as Andre hung at the mixing console in the background in a blue sports jersey, mirrored shades and flowing crimson pants accented by a polka dot sash. "Maybe if you're nice I might let you stay for breakfast/Nah, not breakfast/How about a late dinner/You cook, I'll supply the meat."

We hope Queen Latifah, is right and 'Kast are working on some new music for us. In the meantime, check out the entire lineup for this year's Hangout and go to, at 10 a.m. today to buy tickets. And stay tuned for announcements about more performers to be announced later.