Lucy Hale Says There Are 'No Rules' On Her Debut Album

'Pretty Little Liars' star says her country project will introduce her fans to 'the real Lucy.'

Lucy Hale has been waiting nearly two years for her country LP to drop — "Seems like forever for me," she told MTV News — and come late spring, her patience will be handsomely rewarded.

With the release of her new album, fans will not only be given the chance to hear the "Pretty Little Liars" star's music, but get to know her as a person as well.

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"I think a lot of people know me as Aria from 'PLL' or whatever, but a lot of people don't know Lucy, and they don't know my story and the things that I've been through and what I stand for," she explained. "So I think after listening to the album, they'll get a clear idea of who Lucy Hale is as a human being, not just as an actress or whatever."

But it's not just Lucy featured on her solo debut — "There's a duet," she teased — and while she wouldn't divulge who'd be lending their pipes on the track, she did confess to being a big fan of his.

"I just met this person for the first time a couple weeks ago and heard the song and it's going to be good," she said. "It's someone who they were like 'Lucy, who do you want to do a duet with?' And so I made, like, my realistic list and then I made, like, a dream list thinking, like, just going to shoot for the stars! And it happened to be somebody that was on my dream list and I can't wait to talk about it."

While she was keeping quite regarding the collaboration, she took no issue in gushing over label mates Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. "You know, I love what they do and it's so cool that Hollywood Records has really honed in on each artist they have and really found a definitive sound for each person," she said.

So with so much love for Selena and Demi, would Lucy consider linking up with either of them for a song?

"I mean, me, I love music so I would collaborate with you," she said, pointing to me. "I just love music. Probably not anytime soon just because I do country and they do pop music, but who knows? There are no limits for me. No rules."