Will OutKast Invite Guests Onstage? If So, Here's Our Wishlist

From Goodie Mob to Future, we have some ideas for who Andre 3000 and Big Boi should invite to the Hangout Music Festival stage.

OutKast promises to perform 40 festival dates this year and while the duo's reunion tour will take them worldwide, there is nothing like doing a show in the Dirty South.

With Coachella (California) and Governor's Ball (New York) already on the bill, Gulf Shore, Alabama's Hangout Music Festival is the closest thing to a hometown show for the ATLiens. In just under six hours, fans could take the drive from Atlanta to Hangout, and it's that proximity that opens a ton of possibilities.

Let's just imagine if it weren't only A-Town fans who trekked down to Hangout, but other artists who also made the trip just so they can join OutKast onstage. Like who? Funny you ask; we've made a list.

Goodie Mob

OutKast and the Goodie Mob were frequent collaborators, what a treat it would be to see them perform songs like "Git Up, Git Out," "Black Ice (Sky High)" and "In Due Time."

Killer Mike

Mike absolutely killed his verse on OutKast's 2001 single "The Whole World." It would be cool to see him bring that same energy onstage.

Cool Breeze

The little known Dungeon Family affiliate made a big-time record when he gathered Andre 3000, Big Boi, Goodi and Witch Doctor for the lyrical slug-fest "Watch for the Hook." There aren't many opportunities that they'll get to do this gem live.

Sleepy Brown

"So Fresh, So Clean," "The Way You Move," "Morris Brown;" it just isn't a party if Sleepy Brown isn't there.


OutKast and Future don't have any collaborative material out, but now that the junior Dungeon family member has grown into a rap star in his own right, he's sure to make the crowd go crazy.


How else will Andre and Big be able to do "Ova da Wudz" from ATLiens?


Because even after 15 years, "85" just never gets old.

Bun B

Yes, we know Bun isn't from Atlanta and that the trip from Port Arthur, Texas, to Gulf Shores, Alabama, is a long one, but watching OutKast and the surviving member of UGK get down one time on "Int'l Players Anthem" would be amazing.