Lorde's Rolling Stone Cover Sneak Peek Makes Us Weep For Four Reasons

The 17-year-old continues to reign in badassery.

So we've only seen the briefest glimpse of Lorde's cover story — and amazing cover! — for Rolling Stone, but from what we've seen, we're already pretty sure that Lorde is not only cooler than you, your older brother/sister, but also the entire MTV Staff combined.

Lorde had a 2013 quite uncommon to your average 16-going-on-17-year-old: Not only did she have a #1 jam in "Royals," she was also nominated for basically all of the Grammys (including Song of the Year) and met David Bowie right before her 17th birthday. (That last one was enough to leave some MTV News reporters gritting their teeth with jealousy.)

Now, Ms. Ella Yelich-O'Connor will be gracing the cover of Rolling Stone on Friday, giving us even more fodder for fostering our festering self-worth. Here's four ways she's already succeeded in making us feel like mouth-breathing losers:

That Lipstick

Lorde frequently rocks a dark lip, but something about seeing her noir pucker all big and glossy makes the look super striking. We don't think we've seen someone pulling off this level of gothic badassery since Edgar Allan Poe. And we shall see it — nevermore.

That T-Shirt

Look at Lorde's shirt. Just look at it. Yup, the young musician is decked out in a Cramps T-shirt — and we're willing to wager that she's attired as such because she actually likes the band.

That Lifestyle

According to Rolling Stone, Lorde still lives at home, yet — unlike your sad cousin Barry — she signed a multi-million dollar publishing deal on her 17th birthday. Fictional cousin Barry just turned 31 and started his own spaying and neutering business in the basement. Point: Lorde.

That Phone Log

We already knew that Lorde and Taylor Swift were pals — the two celebrated Swift's birthday together — but apparently they also text like teenagers. We're dying to see which emojis the two favor. We're guessing the angry cat for Lorde and the red ballon for Taylor.