Sundance: The 16 Most Adorable Throwback Celebrity Photos

KStew, JLaw and the Gos all look so young in these retro festival pictures.

The Sundance Film Festival kicks off tomorrow (January 16) and rages on in Park City, Utah, for 10 days after that. The fest is a hub for celebrity talent, looking to make smaller, more experimental movies, and every year, the crowd is a who's who of A-list stars.

Sundance is also the place where many careers started, so there's a ton of amazing pictures from the early days of stars like Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence and Ryan Gosling. So before MTV News heads out to Park City to bring you all of the updates from the ground, let's take a look back at some adorable Sundance memories.

What are the chances that Ryan still has that shirt? (2003)

And because you can't have enough vintage Gosling, here's Ryan proving he's the only man that can make denim timeless.

Always a true lady, Reese Witherspoon smiles to the camera after someone shoved her in the snow. (2003)

You know who probably hates this picture now? Kristen Stewart (2004)

I have no idea what that product is, but I've never seen Josh Hutcherson happier. Bonus points for supporting the Hulk, pre-"Avengers"! (2010)

You know who probably hates this picture now? Jennifer Lawrence

Before she was Mrs. Reynolds — and before she was even on "Gossip Girl" — a 19-year-old Blake Lively is enthused to be at the party. (2006)

Oh, the days before JGL figured out the whole hair thing! (2001)

Jake Gyllenhaal hadn't quite cracked it either. (2001)

Elle Fanning: Proof that the Fanning girls all carry the adorable gene. (2007)

It's hard to imagine, but here's proof that at one time "Nashville" star Hayden Panettiere was even tinier and more adorable. (2003)

The one time that Shia LaBeouf smiled &8212; but who wouldn't hanging with Robert Downey Jr.? (2006)

Despite his best efforts, Joshua Jackson remains adorable. (2002)

Introducing MTV's new show: "Eatin' Snow with Paul Rudd" (2011)

Staying warm and staying adorable are often the same task.(2011)

A photo from Liam Hemsworth's early "Hunger Games" audition (2011)

A version of this article was published last year.