'Ant-Man' Eyes Michael Pena, Rashida Jones For Roles

The 'End of Watch' and 'Parks & Recreation' actors are rumored for lead roles in Marvel's upcoming Phase Three kick-off.

The smallest superhero of them all is at the center of some of the biggest comic book movie news and rumors these days. We're talking, of course, about Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man," the first film in Marvel Studios' "Phase Three," the slate of films following 2015's "The Avengers: Age of Ultron."

Already, we have two cast members firmly in place: Michael Douglas as Ant-Man originator Hank Pym, and Paul Rudd as Ant-Man successor Scott Lang. But who else is lining up for the Marvel project? Here's the buzz:

• According to The Wrap, "End of Watch" and "30 Minutes or Less" actor Michael Peña has been offered a role in "Ant-Man," though the report is light on any further details. This Is Infamous, however, claims to have a lead on who Peña would be playing: "Castillo," one of the film's villains, and a fictional analogue of real-life Cuban leader Fidel Castro. "Castillo" is allegedly the film's villain during an opening 1960s sequence, which sees Hank Pym as Ant-Man fighting against communism — but the character reportedly ends up "playing a larger role as the film develops."

• Further, This Is Infamous reports that "Castillo" is just one of two villains. After the 1960s scenes, Paul Rudd's Lang "will encounter this second villain along the way, who will serve as his primary villain." (No chance this villain is the already-cast Michael Douglas, is there? Probably not.)

• In other news, Variety reports that Marvel has an eye on two actors for the "Ant-Man" female lead, who may or may not be Jane "Wasp" Van Dyne: "Parks & Recreation" star Rashida Jones and "Spider-Man 3" actress Bryce Dallas Howard. Jones appears to have the edge, considering that Howard has "Jurassic World" coming out in 2015, weeks before "Ant-Man" arrives; scheduling could be an issue. Jones has been rumored and favored for "Ant-Man" for quite some time already.

• Jessica Chastain, meanwhile, reportedly passed on a role in "Ant-Man," marking her second missed opportunity with Marvel. She was previously up for Rebecca Hall's role in "Iron Man 3."

"Ant-Man" arrives on July 31, 2015.

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