'The Originals' Tries To Steal 'Pretty Little Liars' Viewers With Tricky Ad: Fans React

So, which show do you watch on Tuesday nights? MTV News breaks down all the drama.

If you're having a hard time trying to decide if you should watch "Pretty Little Liars" or "The Originals" on Tuesday nights, well, the marketing teams behind the two primetime soaps are trying to help make that decision a little easier.

With both shows back on the air after going on hiatus for the holidays, the CW's vampy "The Originals" series is hoping to steal away some viewers from "PLL," which last week became the is the most-tweeted season premiere in TV history and boasted 3.2 million viewers.

So during Tuesday night's "PLL," the CW aired a promo that poked some fun at the ABC Family series by co-opting the letter "A," who just so happens to be the show's public enemy #1. They managed to snag the time, according to Entertainment Weekly, by buying the ad slot through local affiliates and not through the network.

"Is A making you angry? Agitated? Maybe the answer is on another channel. Head over to the CW right now and see what everyone is tweeting about. It's time to ditch the old A for something that's absolutely bad-ass," the campaign boasts.

But the "Pretty Little Liars" team isn't taking the jabs lying down. They responded with their own campy response. "Bite me. --A," the show tweeted out Tuesday, adding the hashtag #LiarsUnite.

So, are the fans feeling the pressure to take sides? @electrakesha made the choice easy, sharing, "The Originals > PLL. no question."

Meanwhile other viewers like @_KaryG didn't like the game "The Originals" played. "The Originals trying to convince PLL fans to change the channel during the show tonight, how #UNoriginal #LiarsUnite," she tweeted.

Other fans have made the time for all their favorite shows. @ziizouVJ1h wrote, "I'm going to watch PLL, the originals and ravenswood. yay! :P"

Regardless, actresses from each of the series seem to just want to get along. "The Originals" star Phoebe Tonkin wrote, "Basically there is A LOT of really great hair across the board at 8pm tonight." "PLL" star Lucy Hale laughed at the response.