Justin Bieber's Beliebers Have A Lot To Say About Egg-Gate: See The Best Reactions

The Biebs' loyal fans have his back after police raided his home and reportedly arrested friend Lil Za.

Through breakups and all, Justin Bieber's army of Beliebers has always been loyal — sometimes, one could argue, a little too loyal.

So it should come as no surprise that even as news spread that police raided Bieber's home in Calabasas, California, after his next-door neighbor said he caused $20,000 in damage after egging his home, his loyal band of fans were quick to defend him.

Using hashtags like #WeAreWithYouJustin, fans like @stratforsbxtch and @biebernapkins took to Twitter to show their support. And even after Bieber's friend Lil Za was reportedly arrested for drug possession, those like @winsbieber promised they will "never stop defending" him.

Even a few high profile Belieber's chimed in to defend the singer on social media. And like most of the world, they too were wondering why exactly an egging was grounds for a police raid.

For the record, during a press conference following the search, Lt. Dave Thompson clarified that because the damages were more than $400, the egging was hardly a misdemeanor.

"It's a felony crime; I get that it was done with eggs, which makes you feel that it's a lower-level crime, but a felony crime is a felony crime, no matter how you commit it," Thompson said on Tuesday. "And this crime rose to the felony section, and a judge signed a search warrant saying we should go get evidence related to the felony crime."

While police were searching the premises, they discovered a white, powdery substance — reportedly either cocaine or Molly, a form of ecstacy — "in plain view." Bieber was not connected to the drugs and Lil Za's bail has been set at $20,000.

The ongoing investigation will no doubt prompt late night comedy fodder in the coming days. In fact, Jimmy Kimmel couldn't resist tweeting his thoughts on the matter.