Cops Lock Justin Bieber Down During Egg Raid

Sheriffs search singer's home on Tuesday morning (January 14) for evidence in egg throwing incident.

Sheriff's deputies descended on Justin Bieber's California home on Tuesday morning (January 14) in search of evidence in the singer's alleged egg raid on his neighbor. According to TMZ, deputies detained Bieber in his garage while they tried to find surveillance video from the star's home that might shed light on his reported yolk attack.

The site reported that 11 Los Angeles County Sheriff's patrol cars arrived on the scene early Tuesday with a felony search warrant in connection with the incident from Thursday in which the Bieb's Calabasas, California, next door neighbor claimed that Justin pelted his house with eggs.

Bieber is a suspect in a vandalism investigation and he was reportedly held in his garage during the search. Unnamed sources said deputies were looking for any evidence that would link Bieber to the egging, including other eggs in the house or video from the night of the incident.

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The neighbor gave TMZ some shaky camera-phone footage last week in which he can be heard yelling, "I see you. I f---ing see you!" at the unseen egg-sailant. Another voice, allegedly Bieber's, shouts back, "F--- you! I got another one for you, actually!" The neighbor's 13-year-old daughter then reportedly went inside and called the police.

The neighbor claimed that Bieber hit his house with no less than 20 eggs. Though the initial police report described the incident as a misdemeanor, the neighbor has claimed damage in excess of $20,000, which could bump the incident up to a felony. Bieber's spokespeople have not commented on the latest flap with his neighbor.