'The Originals' Returns: Star Promises 'More Steam' And Fancy Suits

Charles Michael Davis tells MTV News what to expect on Tuesday's midseason premiere.

Ready to sink your teeth into more supernatural drama? Well, it's a good thing CW's vampire drama, "The Originals," returns Tuesday (January 14).

And if you thought tension were already high for the vampires down in New Orleans, star Charles Michael Davis tells MTV News you haven't seen anything yet.

"I think each episode just keeps picking up more steam," he teased. "And specifically, with the episode on Tuesday, it's [a] change in what we've seen in previous episodes where it's about the girls getting their power back. It's a different dynamic and a different point of view."

So far, the "The Vampire Diaries" spin-off has focused on the power struggle between Marcel, who rules the underworld, and his old pal Klaus (Joseph Morgan). It also focuses on the witches who are trying to get their ability to practice magic freely in New Orleans back from Marcel.

This week, Marcel will work with one of the original vamps — Klaus' brother, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) — which makes for an interesting dynamic. Elijah, who Davis says is one of his favorite characters, is what he calls a "man of principle."

"He always dresses in really nice suits. What's with this dude? He's a vampire, but he dresses in suits," Davis said, before joking that he'd love to learn more about Elijah's fashion sense. "Like, does he worry about getting his suits dirty? Does he dry clean them? Like, what's his story? What's the mystery behind this man? Who does his shopping?"

And while Marcel might want to delve into Elijah's fashionable past, Klaus will probably want to dig into the budding friendship between his brother and bestie-turned-rival.

"You know, I think Klaus will understand. I think normally he overreacts. He gets really angry [usually] so it might be cause for some drama. Like I said, one of things that I say is all the characters have good intentions, personally, it's just that actions can be misconstrued, especially coming from another's person's perspective," he teased.

"On one hand, Elijah and Marcel have really good intentions despite whether it goes against, seemingly against, Klaus' approval and their actions might be judged negatively by Klaus," he said. "Which, knowing the history of his character, I would say there's a very high percentage chance that might happen. The interesting thing is seeing how they operate and try to pull it off without him catching wind of it. It's a fun episode."