Ed Sheeran Reveals Possible Album Title, Has Fans' Faces Falling Off

Sheerios go into a frenzy after Ed Sheeran tweets "=."

It seems like Ed Sheeran may have a thing for mathematical symbols.

On Monday (January 13), Sheeran simply tweeted out "=," and it didn't take long for his Sheerios to go into a frenzy and attempt to decipher its meaning. With Sheeran's debut album titled, +, many figured the equal sign to mean one thing: the title to his much anticipated upcoming album.

"@edsheeran: =" PLS BE NEW ALBUM NAME," fan @urbaniallfitter tweeted. Another Sheerio, @dylanocrien tweeted, "@edsheeran: =" I KNEW IT OH MY GOD."

Others weren't too sure if this was a definite album title, asking the British singer to confirm the news, "@edsheeran are you messing with us or are you serious?," @ThatSheerioDani tweeted. "@edsheeran: =" is this ur new album pls say yes," @greendaystyles asked.

However, there were some that didn't need a confirmation, but were just so overwhelmed with the thought that = could be the name of his sophomore effort. "@edsheeran: =" IS THIS NEW ALBUM NAME MY FACE COULD FALL OFF," @tootsieharry said.

MTV News has reached out to Sheeran to confirm the news, but have not heard back at press time.

Details surrounding Sheeran's upcoming album have slowly been emerging. "The A Team" singer, who tweeted that he just added a last-minute song to his latest effort, due out later this year, has teamed up with super-producer Rick Rubin, has had Taylor Swift listen to all of his tracks and has been inspired by none other than pizza.

"With a recording, if you view a recording as a pizza, the main part of a pizza is the base, and without the base and the tomato sauce on it, you can't build anything on that," Sheeran said recently on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show. "So the base is the live performance. So you perform it live with an acoustic guitar, however you want to do it, and record that as the main track.

"And then after is when you sprinkle the cheese on, you put a bit of bass on it, you put on herbs, i.e. drums, then you put on some pepperoni if you're into that," he continued. "Some songs are the margheritas, some songs are the four cheese ones; it differs."