Shia LaBeouf Responds, And Other Golden Globes Burning Questions Answered

Plus, were any of those foreign journalists real?

Though the Golden Globes lacked a certain, how should we say, plot, there's still a number of dangling questions we have about the Awards. Burning questions, if you will. Luckily, we here at MTV News have the answers for you.

Q: Is Matt Damon Really A Garbage Person?

Tina and Amy joked that in any other room, Damon would be a big deal; but here at the Globes he was, "basically a garbage person." So is it true?

A: Yup. In fact, we have an exclusive photo of Damon cleaning up the Beverly Hilton Hotel shortly after the Golden Globes ended. Hey Damon, how do you like dem apples?

Q: Did Robert Downey Jr. Get To Keep His Gucci Tux?

In his speech presenting the award for Best Actress - Drama, RDJ quipped that he got to keep his Gucci tux if he snagged a racy photo of winner Amy Adams backstage. So did he get to keep the tux?

A: Nope. Well, we're guessing, as no salacious pics of the two backstage have turned up... Yet.

Q: Were Any Of Those Foreign Journalists Real?

We know there are journalists in other countries, we're just referring to the extended joke Poehler and Fey told thanking "members" of the Hollywood Foreign Press. So do they actually exist?

A: For the most part, no. The journalists are all fake, but both Purple Magazine and Kerplunk Magazine are real. That said, they don't exactly cover film: the former is a fashion magazine; the latter about 21st Century Life. We didn't extensively search for "Das Tits" because we like our jobs.

Q: How Much Swearing Was There?

The Golden Globes is all about stars getting tipsy, and loose lips sink ships. So was this an Awards show, or an episode of "Deadwood"?

A: It wasn't THAT bad. Jacqueline Bisset and Elisabeth Moss both let loose a "sh--," and Aaron Paul gave the crowd what they wanted with a, "Yeah bitch!" But for the most part, the stars kept it surprisingly clean.

Q: What Did Shia LaBeouf Think Of Jim Carrey's Joke?

Shia LaBeouf has retired from public life, so naturally he didn't see Jim Carrey's joke about his plagiarism, or respond in any way, right?

A: He hated it. Ha, ha, ha, of course Shia responded (and in his own words for once) almost immediately, tweeting:

Then he followed up later with this:

Looks like he plagiarized retiring from Michael Jordan.

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