Pharrell? Nope. G-Unit? 'Never.' 50 Cent Shuts Down Collabos

Fif addresses that proposed Pharrell album while asking if a full G-Unit reunion is even possible.

Pharrell Williams certainly has the Midas touch, and having him produce an entire album would be a good look for any artist — just not 50 Cent.

Back in December, Skateboard P expressed interest in working on an entire album with Fif in an interview with, saying, "I would love that. But, you know, he would have to see why that makes sense...for himself. That doesn't mean it makes the ultimate sense."

"I would love to make an album with 50 that felt like a film," Pharrell said. " 'Cause he's an actor. He's an actor and a rapper and all these other things. I would wanna put all those talents together and try and make a cohesive body of work that was all about him. I'd just be Mario Puzo. I don't have to be Corleone. I don't have to be in it at all."

The staff at Complex went on to write an open letter to Interscope head Jimmy Iovine in an effort to encourage him to get the two artists to work together — even though it has since been revealed that Williams will release his next solo album with Columbia Records.

Whatever the case, 50 isn't hot on the idea. "I respect Pharrell as a producer and like a lot of material from different people. But I haven't had a project come out with one producer," he told target="_blank">Complex during an interview at CES 2014 on Saturday. "Get Rich or Die Tryin' didn't have one producer. The Massacre or none of my other material either."

Fif also shot down the notion of a full G-Unit reunion. The group, which has counted 50, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck and the Game as members and affiliates, has been in turmoil for years and haven't released a project since 2008 when they dropped two mixtapes and their sophomore LP T.O.S.: Terminate on Sight.

While 50 maintains a relationship with Yayo, he and Banks have kept their distance and he's had public spats with Buck and the Game.

"It'll never be five. That'll never happen," 50 said. "I don't even know if that's possible because I don't talk to them. I haven't had communications with Young Buck since he been out of jail. I'll never work with Game."