Why Fall Out Boy And Paramore Are Rock's 'Watch The Throne'

Pete Wentz has big plans for Monumentour, and he's sharing them with MTV News.

Last week, Fall Out Boy and Paramore announced they were joining forces on the Monumentour, the summertime trek a decade in the making.

For fans of both bands, the tour is a dream come true. And the same goes for FOB bassist Pete Wentz, who told MTV News that he thinks Monumentour could be one for the ages.

"I remember being in sheer awe of rock tours: the Monsters of Rock, the Guns N' Roses/Metallica stadium tour in the early '90s ... even the first concert I really remember choosing to go to on my own, Faith No More and Helmet. It just seemed like an era where anything was possible. The Monumentour aims to inspire that," he wrote in an email. "Looking at the Watch the Throne project, it seemed amazing to me that these two forces came together, checked their egos and let the audiences inside of something special that would only exist for a moment. ... I want pop/rock fans to feel the same excitement I did all of those summers back."

And though Paramore and Fall Out Boy have long been contemporaries, the idea for the two bands to share a stage didn't come up until recently, a fact Wentz attributed mainly to scheduling. But when both bands released comeback albums last year, he knew the time was finally right to make the tour a reality.

"Both of our bands have had really entirely separate legacies, though I think the media kind of crams us into the same box," he wrote. "It's been awesome to watch Paramore's journey; seeing it almost completely from the outside. They've taken such a different path than our own that it seems so serendipitous to bring our paths together for a tour ... and I know fans of both bands have asked about for years, so it feels awesome to see it through."

At though he downplayed the comparisons the media often makes, Wentz didn't deny that when FOB and Paramore kick off their tour in June, there will definitely be a bit of a rivalry between the bands. The way he sees it, there's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.

"It's important to surround yourself with people that force you to focus and to raise the bar. Would McEnroe have been what he was without Borg? I'm not sure," he wrote. "I do feel like you need outside influences that make you strive to be better. At the same time, I think the very idea of Monumentour is us saying that two rock bands in this era can collaborate on an idea ... that we can come together for a summer and let awesomeness rip."