'Girls' Star Jemima Kirke Breaks Down Her Big Return: Where Was Jessa?

HBO star fills in the blanks after Sunday's season-three premiere.

She's back! After disappearing on season two of "Girls," Jessa made her big return to the series during Sunday night's season-three premiere.

Spoilers Ahead

While she showed up somewhere very few viewers could have anticipated, Jemima Kirke, who plays Jessa, shrugged off the surprising turn of events.

"I think nothing Jessa does is surprising," Kirke told MTV News last week at the HBO's show's red-carpet season premiere. "I think her brand is unexpected. And so it's expected she's going to do the unexpected. So I think it's appropriate whatever she ends up doing."

What Jessa ended up doing was going to rehab, where she managed to shake things up, alongside guest stars like "Orange Is the New Black" star Danielle Brooks, iconic Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon and "Dr. Who" actor Richard E. Grant. Jessa not only bashes the other patients and their life stories, she sleeps with one of the women in while in treatment.

Her in-patient bad-girl antics ultimately get Jessa kicked out. What's more, it turns out her friends are rather skeptical about her seeking treatment in the first place. All that said, Kirke had the best time being bad.

"I get to the play the baddest one," she teased, adding she also enjoyed getting to act alongside actors that aren't apart of the show's main cast.

"I am actually away a lot [in the story line]. I love it 'cause I'm new to this [acting career]," Kirke explained. "Of all the girls, I'm the newest to all of this acting stuff so they put me in with some seasoned, awesome actors and it's really helpful for me. It's a joy; it's an honor," she said.

With all those A-list guest cameos, Kirke admitted to being starstruck.

"In rehab? Kim Gordon! Kim Gordon! I was like, 'Oh my god! It's Kim Gordon — she's going to be so mean," the actress recalled. "But she was so nice 'cause she was actually a fan as well. It was awesome."

Now that Jessa has officially been sprung from rehab by her besties Hannah (Lena Dunham) and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet), she'll have to face the consequences of her impulsive behavior. Over the course of the show's first two seasons, that included a quickie wedding, divorce and this quick stint in rehab.

"On the surface, it looks like those are the things that happen in people's real lives, but it [typically] happens over the span of like 50 years," Kirke said. "It doesn't happen within the span of three years, so what she does doesn't necessarily lead to a lot of personal growth. It's just her being impulsive and it looks like something more than what it is, which is that's just her brand of acting out."

All of that just might change as season three progresses. "Yes, yes!" Kirke agreed. "Well, more reality checks [will take place], which, I think, she's the one who's due for the biggest ones of all the girls."