The 2014 Golden Globes In 21 Eye-Popping GIFs

Couldn't handle sitting through the three-hour telecast? We've broken the Globes down into bite-size GIFs.

If the three-hour runtime of the 71st Golden Globes Awards, plus the hours of red-carpet coverage preceding it, plus the hours of pre-carpet coverage preceding that just weren't enough for you, we here at MTV News have fantastic news for you: You can relive Sunday night's shenanigans in living GIF color!

The live-tweeting is all over, and it's time to get to the reactions and meme-ifying. We're here to help with our treasury of GIFs of the very best moments from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's 2014 awards gala.

Tina And Amy Want YOU

An Easy Mistake To Make

"It's hard to believe she's a 42-year-old mother of two."

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is Smokin'

Even when she's sitting in the film section. Yeah, we see you.

Golden GOOP

Jonah Hill's New Year's Resolutions

It's good to want things.

It Had to Happen

That's A Negative

Diddy's On a Boat

The moment that made thousands of shaggy Brooklyn dudes say, "I could be friends with Diddy."

Robert Downey Jr.: Lady Killer


What Amy Adams' Baby Taught Her

Joke's on you, Amy. Babies don't know anything.

Well, Is She?

The question the audience was asking at about the midpoint of the ceremony.

Jim Carrey Gets Dark

Give Us A Hand

Leo's proud of you. Really, really proud.

Hug It Out

You Inspire Jared Leto


Emma Thompson has apparently had more comfortable shoes.

Equal Sequin Opportunity

There is apparently such a thing as being too sparkly.

Melissa McCarthy Knows What's Up

Tell us more.

Zooey Doesn't Know!

Not sure which emotion to feel? Feel them all!

A Soothing Massage

We bet Bono gives otherworldly massages.