Top 9 Globes Moments: Poehler-Bono Kiss, Basically Everything J-Law Did

The funniest, fiercest, and weirdest things that happened at Sunday night's ceremony.

Despite what you may have heard, the Golden Globes aren't just for making early predictions about this year's Oscar wins (although pssst, if you're looking for tips, now would be a good time to put your money on Matthew McConaughey.)

Tonight's awards ceremony was also full of amazing, amusing moments that everyone will be talking about. Read on for a roundup of our own top 10.

1. Everything J-Law Did, Basically.

As if she weren't already everyone's favorite person in the world, Jennifer

Lawrence spent basically the entirety of the Globes ceremony reminding us all why we love her so much. In addition to her carpet-bomb on Taylor Swift, her winner's speech for Best Supporting Actress was preternaturally adorable ("Don't ever do this again! It's so scary!" she said as she clutched her second Golden Globe)

— and when asked in the press room how she planned to celebrate, her answer was, "Catch up on my drinking!"

2. One Bad Word, One Weird Speech.

In case you missed it, Tina Fey did, indeed, say the s-word live on primetime TV (approximately

60 seconds into the broadcast, as she and Amy Poehler made their introductory speech.) But that wasn't the evening's most awkward moment. That came

only a little bit later, when Jacqueline Bisset battled her way through a very strange, very emotional acceptance speech — first against a serious case of nerves, and then against not one, but two instrumental bursts designed to make her stop talking.

3. 'Breaking Bad' Says 'Yeah Bitch.'

After five nominations for his portrayal of chem-teacher-turned-meth-kingpin Walter White, Bryan

Cranston finally took home a Golden Globe -- and the series itself took home the honors for Best Television Drama. And though Aaron

Paul did not (alas!) make a hat trick for the series with a Best Supporting Actor win, he did deliver the ceremony's most memorable line when the cast assembled onstage to celebrate the show's overall win. (We all knew it was coming when Vince Gilligan

invited him up to the mic, but hearing Jesse Pinkman say, "Yeah, bitch!" one last time was everything. Everything.)

4. Meeting Tina Fey's 'Son.'

The funniest joke of the night came when Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon

— the

proud parents of Sosie Bacon, a.k.a. Miss Golden Globe

came up as presenters, and heralded the appearance of Tina Fey's "adult son from a previous

relationship" (a.k.a. Amy Poehler in a tux and a hairpiece clearly stolen from a member of One Direction.)

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5. Two Dark Horses Pull Ahead.

If the legitimacy of Netflix original programming was ever in doubt, now they've got a shiny little

trinket to back it up: Robin Wright took home the trophy for her performance as a calculating political wife on "House of Cards" (although she did not, shockingly, thank her brand-new fiance Ben Foster in her acceptance speech.) And if you didn't expect to

see more than two "Saturday Night Live" alums on the mainstage tonight, then imagine your surprise when Seth Myers came up to present the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Comedy or Musical... to Andy

Samberg, who was so flattered and flummoxed that he could barely manage a coherent speech.

6. Amy Poehler Makes History.


Poehler wasn't just the emcee of the evening's festivities, but a winner for Best Actress in a TV Comedy or Musical: the first time in Golden Globes history. Let's be real: if you'd been part of such a historic moment, you would've spontaneously

made out with Bono, too.

7. Woody Allen Wins The Cecil B. DeMille Award...

...and Diane Keaton, in menswear so very memorably "Annie Hall" and a pair of very Woody specs,

to accept the honors on behalf of her longtime friend.

8. The McConaussance Begins.

Truly, the emergence of Matthew

McConaughey as a heavyweight acting talent (dubbed "the McConaussance" by devoted fans) has been gathering steam over the past two years

but with a Best Actor win at the Golden Globes for "Dallas Buyers Club," we're calling

it: the actor has officially transformed into an Oscars frontrunner.

9. Jared Leto's Face.

Whatever might have happened to upset you during this year's Golden Globes ceremony —

be it a sodden pre-show carpet or an unexpected loss by a favorite nominee — you can take comfort in the fact that this was how Jared Leto's face looked just after

he collected his Best Supporting Actor award for "Dallas Buyers Club." Gaze upon it, young grasshoppers, and see how everything is beautiful, and nothing hurts.