Britney's ...Baby One More Time: 15 Ways It Changed Our Lives And Wardrobes

As her classic debut album turns 15, we reflect on how it changed the game.

Fifteen years ago, Britney Spears released her star-making debut album ...Baby One More Time, cementing her status a pop superstar. The then-17-year-old not only ushered in a new wave of enthusiasm for pop music, but also shaped the way a generation of tween and teen girls looked, danced and expressed themselves.

It not only included the classic breakthrough single "...Baby One More Time" but also gems like "(You Drive Me) Crazy," "Sometimes" and, of course, "E-Mail My Heart." To celebrate the landmark occasion of the album's release, MTV News is looking back on the 15 ways the album — and Spears — changed the game.

1. Schools across the country had to enforce the rules a little harder after Spears rocked the sexiest school girl uniform in the history of music videos.

2. We all asked our moms to get our navels pierced thanks to Brit. Most, thankfully, said "no."

3. Abs of steel and belly tops became fashion staples at the turn of the century.

4. She gave us the first fan armies. Were you Team Britney or Team Xtina?

5. She was all about girl power. See her friendship with Melissa Joan Hart for proof.

6. Man, that backflip! Enrollment in gymnastics classes skyrocketed.

7. As did enrollment in dance classes. She had the fiercest moves.

8. Teletubbies never seemed sexier than when posing with Brit.

9. She made soda cool again. Between "Soda Pop" and serving it in her "(You Drive Me) Crazy" video, we were just plain thirsty.

10. She made us all want to say "y'all". (Even us Jersey girls.)

11. All the pastel makeup. All of it.

12. She was already putting Frapps on the map.

13. She introduced us to Adrian Grenier. Need we say more?

14. Puffy hair accessories were always in stock at Claire's after Brit Brit donned them.

15. She was the every girl: Throughout ...Baby One More Time, she looked like us all in our denim skirts and platform sandals.