Happy Birthday, Zayn Malik: 12 Reasons He's The Cutest 21-Year-Old Ever

On his big day, we break down the 1D singer's most swoonworthy moments.

It looks like Louis Tomlinson now has a buddy he can hit up American clubs with. On Sunday (January 12), One Direction's Zayn Malik turns 21. So, raise your glass for him as he reaches the milestone year. We know we will be.

To honor the momentous occasion, we've decided to pay homage to every time that Zayn has made us swoon because, let's face it, he's just that adorable. OK, this isn't every time, since he regularly makes our pulses race, but it's close. So while there have been endless instances that he's made us weak in the knees, here are our 12 favorites.

1. He is the most mysterious member of 1D, but is also totally goofy.

2. He even looks good when dressed like a lady.

3. He. Loves. Turtlenecks.

4. He smolders, iguana and all.

5. It's hard not to fall for him when he kisses Harry in the "Kiss You" video.

6. He snuggles Liam.

7. He is totally a great big brother.

8. He bought his mom a house. And she cried. And he cried. And, we all cried.

9. He's not only a singer. But, also an artist. A graffiti artist.

href="http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1720171/kelly-osbourne-justin-bieber-graffiti.jhtml">Your move, Justin.

10. He's a godfather. How cute is he with that baby?

11. He's a doll. Literally.

12. He can focus on his singing, even with a puppy on his lap. A puppy. On his lap.

And, by the way... Happy Birthday, Zayn!