How 'Lone Survivor' Breaks The Action-Movie Mold

Mark Wahlberg and Eric Bana talk to MTV news about paying tribute to Navy SEALs in the new flick.

Picture your typical Hollywood action movie: explosions, a blaring rock soundtrack, ripped muscles and an aura of "f--- yeah, America!"

"Lone Survivor," in theaters today, certainly falls into the action movie category, but its stars wanted to be sure it avoided being filed alongside those stereotypical spectacle blockbusters. The movie is based on the true story of a 2005 Navy SEAL attempt to assassinate a Taliban leader, a mission that went terribly wrong, leaving just one man standing.

Mark Wahlberg, who stars in the Peter Berg-directed film, explained to MTV News that it was important to the cast and crew that they honor the real-life SEALs who lived the story. While he admitted that his initial instinct was the excitement of an actor faced with a juicy role, the part came to mean something more to him.

"I read it and I'm like 'Oh my god, it's not that, this is about paying tribute to our guys,' " he said. Making the movie was physically taxing, something that Wahlberg said helped him better understand the real people the film was based on.

"It was nothing compared to what they experienced. You just kinda suck it up, and I've never had that experience my entire career, both in making the movie and trying to watch the movie after, I think about what those guys went through."

Eric Bana, who co-stars, said that even though he had the experience of filming the movie, watching the completed cut was still moving.

"It was pretty unique film both to make and then to view," he said. "It was very different, quite an emotional experience for us, just like an audience member."