Watching 'Girls' Tonight? Lena Dunham Says To Expect The 'Unexpected'

Dunham tells MTV News what's in store for Hannah this season, premiering Sunday on HBO.

Book deal? Check. Boyfriend? Yep. Potential for it to all fall apart? You bet.

That's pretty much where leading lady Hannah stands going into the third season of "Girls", which premieres Sunday (January 12) on HBO.

And, Lena Dunham, the show's star and creator, admits that's just how it should be for her quirky small-screen persona. "She's in a relationship. She's writing a book. Things would seem to be evolving nicely. It can't last," she told MTV News at the show's premiere earlier this week. And even with her OCD under control and her life finally appearing to take a turn for the better, things will all change for Hannah as the season progresses.

The Golden Globe nominee added, "There's a publisher switcheroo. There's some challenges with her book. She's on choppy waters."

And, those ups and downs will eventually find their way, once again, into her relationship with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Adam (Adam Driver).

"They start the season together, as a couple, as a serious couple. And that's all I can reveal at this juncture," she teased with a laugh. "I mean, you know, you wouldn't have a show if everybody was happy all the time. But, I won't tell you how it goes down. It's unexpected. I hope."

And while Hannah seemed to spend the first two seasons only making baby steps towards becoming a full-fledged adult, Dunham thinks that this might be the season she, and maybe even Marnie and Shoshanna, actually makes some progress.

She said, "Well, what happens next for Hannah is she's trying to figure out how to make this move into sort of real adulthood, which she's sort of stepped up her game and trying to really acknowledge her own flaws and work harder to change them."

Hannah will have more time grow up: The show has just been renewed for a fourth season. On Thursday, it was confirmed that the NYC-set show will film this spring and air in 2015.