We Asked The Voice Of Siri To Review 'Her'

Susan Bennett talks to MTV News about 'Her,' Scarlett's voice and those high-waisted pants.

We already know that Siri has some bones to pick with the movie "Her" — if you ask your cellular assistant what she thinks of the Spike Jonze flick, she has some not-quite positive things to say. But what about Susan Bennett, the real voice behind the snarky iPhone feature? MTV News sent Bennett to the flick to find out what she thought of the love affair between Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) and his OS Sam (Scarlett Johansson).

If you haven't seen the film, Theodore — an anti-social professional letter writer with extremely high-waisted pants — downloads a new OS that's supposed to cater to his every need. As he "gets to know" the OS, named Sam, he begins to fall in love with it/her, as the OS does him — that is, until it/she becomes a little too self-aware.

Bennett knows a thing or two about being in Sam's position — at least at the most basic level. If you have an iPhone outfitted with the personal assistant Siri, you are likely intimately familiar with her voice, which can help you find anything with the push of a button and a clearly worded phrase — anything within reason, that is. Unlike Sam, Siri is not able to have a real conversation with her users, which means that it's not wholly possible to have a real relationship with her. However, Bennett did share that one user told her that she was his best friend so we could be wrong.

After watching the film in Atlanta, Georgia, this week, Bennett made like Siri and answered our most pressing questions about the film. Check out her answers below:


What did you think of "Her"?

"I liked a lot of it. To me, it was a little bit too long, but it certainly made a statement that was worth discussing — where we are with all of this technology and everything. And I thought Scarlett Johansson's voice was just perfect for the part. As wonderful an actor as Joaquin Phoenix is I just got tired of seeing him wallow in his own misery."

What advice would you give Theodore?

"Go take a Zumba class!"

What was your favorite part of the film?

"I enjoyed the interaction between Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams [who played his friend Amy in the film] — the friendship that they had. Because it was one of the few kind of successful human interactions that happened onscreen."

Do you like the high-waisted pants that all the men in the film wear?

"I thought they're horrible, really. I don't think anybody would look good in those pants."