The Key Question For New 'Girls' Season: 'What Is My Future Going To Be?'

'Girls' executive producer Judd Apatow opens up about working with Lena Dunham on the HBO series.

The "Girls" are back in town and they are as confused as ever.

The show's executive producer Judd Apatow opened up to MTV News about what Lena Dunham and the crew will be up to when the third season of "Girls" premieres Sunday on HBO.

"Well, when the show started, it was about that moment, a couple years after college, where you can't believe life isn't working out. And now it's five years after college, and so you see all of them trying to figure out 'What is my future going to be? Who's my boyfriend or husband gonna be? What kind of job do I really want?' " he teased about the Dunham-created series' latest chapter. "And so this year they're all trying to take it a little more seriously and it doesn't go that well."

When the show series kicked off in 2012, Hannah (Dunham) and the crew were fresh out of college and ready to take on the world, even if they had hiccups here and there. But, not all their professional and personal decisions have paid off in the years since. They have suffered career setbacks and a few heartbreaks.

This season will explore what happens when you realize you need to step up your game.

"I think it does get scary when it's after school and life isn't working out perfectly and you feel the clock running... I think that's what your twenties is about. You feel like by the end of the twenties, you should have gotten your act together a little bit," Apatow added.

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While the characters might be questioning their lives, Apatow isn't questioning his decision to work with Dunham on the show.

"It's just been incredible working with Lena because she's so funny; she's so brave. She has a great attitude. She really enjoys the work. She enjoys kicking it around and trying to figure out how to make it better," he dished. "She's completely spoiled me and ruined me for everybody else. After working with Lena, I hate most other people. I'm just fed up with other people's attitudes. I wish she had more attitude because then I wouldn't be so mad at everybody else."

Apatow and Dunham will be working together for a little while longer. The show has just been renewed for a fourth season. On Thursday, it was confirmed that the NYC-set show will film this spring and air in 2015.