Why Cory Monteith's Bonnie Dune Bandmates Stayed Together After His Death

Band opens up to MTV News about moving on without the drummer and late 'Glee' star on new EP.

After Cory Monteith died last July the "Glee" star's Bonnie Dune bandmates were left with a difficult decision. Should they carry on in the wake of their drummer's death or disband?

After taking some time to mourn the loss of their friend, the group decided that the best way to honor Monteith would be to keep the band going.

"It was a no-brainer to push forward with the record," bassist Joshua Kerr told MTV News. "I mean, he was such an integral part of the writing process and the recording, and it was important for us because we had put so much into it to put it out and follow through with it."

The band is now set to release the EP Miramar on February 4. And the group's lead singer, Justin Wilczynski — who happens to be Monteith's former co-star on the MTV series "Kaya" — believes that releasing new music and returning to the stage is what Monteith would have wanted for his bandmates. (The crew have not yet made plans to find a permanent new drummer.)

"It was always something that we were planning on doing anyways," Wilczynski said. "We had a lot of plans this summer with Cory [before he died] as far as touring, releasing the EP, but we wanted to make sure we wanted to take our time to process everything and to do it the right way and not try to release something to capitalize on anything.

"And ... I don't know about you [Kerr], but I just always felt like Cory would want us to proceed," the singer added.

With the release of their EP just weeks away and plans to hit the road later this year, Wilczynski admitted he's excited for fans to hear what the band created on the release, for which Monteith played such a big part.

"It was something we were really, really proud of. It was our first recording altogether with Cory because when we first started playing we were playing songs we had wrote before he joined the band," he explained. "So this is something that we were all so excited about and I can't wait for people to hear it."