Ladies Love Drake: 7 Reasons We Thirst For Aubrey

Let's lay off Drizzy, OK?

We need to talk about Drake.

Dude has had a tough week. His longtime producer 40 revealed that a posthumous Aaliyah collab was a no-go due in no small part to the haterz who turned their noses up at Drizzy’s involvement in the project.

But listen up: He started from the bottom, now he’s here — in our hearts. We love Drizzy. Though the Toronto rapper was so right when he said that “Girls Love Beyoncé,” it’s also true that Ladies Love Drake. (Sorry, Cool J, you’ve been ousted.)

In honor of Thirsty Thursday, we thirst for you, Drake.

So keep your head up and take care, buddy. Here’s why we’re pulling for you:

He Popularized YOLO

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