Ladies Love Drake: 7 Reasons We Thirst For Aubrey

Let's lay off Drizzy, OK?

We need to talk about Drake.

Dude has had a tough week. His longtime producer 40 revealed that a posthumous Aaliyah collab was a no-go due in no small part to the haterz who turned their noses up at Drizzy's involvement in the project.

But listen up: He started from the bottom, now he's here — in our hearts. We love Drizzy. Though the Toronto rapper was so right when he said that "Girls Love Beyoncé," it's also true that Ladies Love Drake. (Sorry, Cool J, you've been ousted.)

In honor of Thirsty Thursday, we thirst for you, Drake.

So keep your head up and take care, buddy. Here's why we're pulling for you:

He Popularized YOLO

OK, sure, it's not a revelation that you only live once. We've heard that before. But thanks to Drake, for a bright shining moment, we had a conveniently shortened catchphrase to scream right before we did something really stupid.

He Really Owns His Judaism

There aren't that many big-name Jewish rappers out there, but Drake definitely qualifies as a NJB. Look. At that precious. Little. Bar mitzvah boy. Yeah, we thought so.

He Re-Did His Bar Mitzvah In A Music Video

See above entry, re: our feelings about NJB Drake. His bar mitzvah was so nice he decided to do it twice, the second time in the music video for "HYFR," meaning that millions of people got to see grown-up Drake having the time of his effing life while being bopped up and down in a chair. Like, just in case we needed to love him a little bit more.

He Was A Canadian Teen Soap Star

As if he didn't have enough going for him, Drake is Canadian. Dude got his start on "Degrassi: The Next Generation," if you needed any proof of just how ardently neighborly and Northern he is. (In those days, he was still Aubrey Graham.) That show might as well be playing on a loop on an iPad placed on top of a Canadian flag displayed in Canada's Library of Parliament, that's how Canadian it is. (Oh, and uh, sorry 'bout your legs, Jimmy.)

He Was Part Of The Biggest Meme of 2013

Oh, #StarbucksDrakeHands, we'll never forget you. (That's a lie, we'll forget in like two months.) But you've gotta respect a man who made a song so seductive that it makes a random bro want to caress his own face while staring deeply into a webcam. Drake: the ultimate selfie soundtrack.

He Contributed (Another) Slogan For The Ages

HYFR: Know it, love it, use it. Why isn't everyone using this? Get on it!

He Has Dinner Plans With Aaliyah In Heaven

Perhaps most charming of all is Drake's consistent stanning of the late singer Aaliyah, who died in 2001, when lil' Drizzy was just 15 years old. He loves her. He has a tattoo of her on his back and another on his side. He wears an earpiece with her face on it so she's "always in [his] ear."

Best of all, he wrote a letter to her on the ninth anniversary of her death, calling her by her middle name and promising that he would "love [her] always and forever." The promise he makes at the end is probably the very best part: "I hope I make the right life choices so I can end up in heaven where I know you rest your head. I'll continue to make music in your honor until the day we finally meet. Dinner's on me!"

Dinner's on him, guys.

But really, how could we not be obsessed with this dude?