Summer Festival Forecast: Who Will Be Joining OutKast In A Field Near You?

The Summer Festival Forecast: Who else will be joining OutKast in a sun-drenched field near you?

It wasn't exactly a surprise, but the OutKast reunion that tops this year's Coachella lineup certainly serves as a rousing kick off to the 2014 festival season, a parade of bills packed with big-name bands that culminates this summer, in a sun-drenched field near you (polar vortex be damned).

Make no mistake about it, there are more names coming; the ever-escalating battle for summertime supremacy demands it. Coachella struck first — and, with OutKast, they've definitely scored a major coup — but Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Governors Ball, Hangout and more will soon answer with their respective lineups ... and don't think for a second they're worried. After all, there are plenty of acts out there preparing to kick the tires on 2014 with new albums, and they'll all be looking for places to play.

So who else can you expect to see making the rounds? Well, for starters, don't think you've heard the last of the 'Kast ... as Mumford & Sons (or Kendrick Lamar) proved last year, most acts aren't adverse to a festival double — or triple — dip, so we expect them to have a pretty busy summer. As for the rest of the headliners, well, we've got a few ideas: Here's our fearless festival forecast: the bands you're sure to see in your finest tank top this summer.


Hey, she headlined Glastonbury. And now, emboldened by the success of game-changing new album, a triumphant headlining slot at a major U.S. festival seems like a foregone conclusion. Consider last year's slot at Jay Z's Made in America festival (or her seemingly endless Mrs. Carter World Tour) a warm-up to something big this summer. Governors Ball? Lollapalooza? Either way, we can't wait.

The Black Keys

By all accounts, they've got a new album coming in 2014 (chances are, it's already done), and after scoring back-to-back hits with Brothers and El Camino, the Keys have earned the right to top a bill or two. So expect them to do just that this summer. The Lollapalooza? Bonnaroo? Both seem like logical fits, the only question seems to be: will they find a way to work "Lonely Boy" dancing machine Derrick T. Tuggle into their stage show?

Ed Sheeran

Earlier this week, he announced a run of arena shows in the UK and Ireland, and, like the Keys, he's also got a much-anticipated new album due this year. And, after breaking through here in the states with his + debut — and a lengthy stretch opening for Taylor Swift on her Red tour — a headlining slot this summer would serve as his victory lap ... not to mention the launching pad for his next move. Pencil him in for something at Bonnaroo perhaps?

Foo Fighters

After taking the world's shortest hiatus, the Foos are hard at work on their new album, reportedly due this year. They've already begun warming up for a return to the road, too, with gigs both massive (a pair of concerts in Mexico City) and microscopic (a surprise show at an L.A. pizzeria), and they're probably committing to some summer fests as you read this. They've got history with Lolla, and Bonnaroo doesn't seem like a stretch, either.


2013 was a big year for the 17-year-old singer, so now, she gets to reap the rewards. She's already confirmed for Coachella, and Lolla seems like her spiritual home. Could she go the Kendrick route, and perform at every stop on the summer circuit? She seems like the logical choice, and a run of U.S. festival shows will give her a chance to reach the places she still hasn't made it to over the past few months. Hey, they bump "Royals" in Manchester, Tennessee, too.


They were rumored to be a Coachella headliner, a gig that seemed to hinge on a supposed April release date for their long-in-the-works new album. Maybe they missed their deadline (what does that mean for their Super Bowl spot?!?) but there's still plenty of time for them to finish the record in time to hit the summer festival circuit. Given the caliber of Bonnaroo headliners in recent years (Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, etc.), we wouldn't be surprised to see them adding their name to that list.

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