Usher's Mom Asks Him To 'Cut That Hair': Would You Sign Her Petition?

Do you think it's time for a haircut? Vote.

For those just getting comfortable with Usher's long locks, don't settle down yet. Ursh has a big salon appointment booked for Sunday.

But it wasn't easy persuading Usher to go under shears. The R&B crooner's friends and family had to make an official proposal... and that meant putting pen to paper. Yeah, they made a petition.

"We the people united declare that you, Usher Raymond IV, must cut that hair off. Now. Yesterday," they wrote, with the first signature coming from his mom, Joanetta Patton.

The "OMG" singer grew out his hair and further sculpted his abs (although no work was really needed) to play boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard in the biopic "Hands of Stone." The film, coming later this year from director Jonathan Jakubowicz, also stars Robert De Niro, Edgar Ramirez and Ellen Barkin.

Some fans were relieved ("Yes it's time to cut the hair. But your still a cutie," toria_theprincess wrote), while others tried to argue Usher's decision ("I like the hair, and they don't even have that many signatures!" wise_guy_19 wrote). But nevertheless, with his upcoming spot on "The Voice," Usher has to get camera ready, ditching his '70s persona for live television.

"You guys have probably been following me on Instagram so you see my Afro and my six-pack," he told us at Justin Bieber's "Believe" premiere. Now, he's getting back to music, promising fans new music at the top of 2014. "So I'm getting out of Sugar Ray Leonard mode and into Usher Ray mode."

Come Sunday, it'll be Sugar Ray no more.

"Relax people..." Usher replied in his Instagram. "You'll get what you want on Sunday."