The Secret Behind Marvel's Next Short Film Revealed

A fan-favorite character makes a welcome return for his own One-Shot.

Sorry, Loki fans: If you were holding onto hope that the Marvel One-Shot included on the upcoming Blu-ray for "Thor: The Dark World" would follow the god of mischief, we've got some disappointing news for you. But if you like Trevor Slattery, Ben Kingsley's character from "Iron Man 3," it's spectacular news.

Marvel recently revealed the title for its next short film, "All Hail the King," which many took as a reference to the twist ending from last year's "Thor" sequel. But Entertainment Weekly has landed the exclusive first details about the One-Shot and confirmed that it is, in fact, the secretive Marvel project that Ben Kingsley mentioned working on.

Written and directed by one of the men behind the "Iron Man 3" script, Drew Pearce, "All Hail the King" follows the failed English actor Trevor Slattery as he serves his sentence in the infamous Seagate prison after Tony Stark revealed the truth behind the supposed terrorist leader, the Mandarin.

The controversial twist from "Iron Man 3" essentially made a mockery of one of the hero's greatest foes, a choice that hardcore fans still have a difficult time accepting, and in an interview with EW, Pearce said he incorporated that frustration in the short.

A big element of "All Hail the King" is Slattery dealing with his new-found fame and the fallout from being unmasked as the fraud behind the once-feared terrorist. Locked up in Seagate, it seems that the Mandarin will meet the actual members of the Ten Rings, the organization he once led as a false figurehead and the group that held Tony Stark captive in the first "Iron Man."

EW debuted photos from the short along with an interview with Pearce about the short. Head over there to check out the rest of the pictures and to hear about Slattery's 80s cop drama, "Caged Heat."

"All Hail the King" will debut on the "Thor: The Dark World" Blu-ray, which hits shelves on February 25.