'The Fault In Our Stars': Check Out The First Official Pic Now

A new image from the upcoming film depicts a fan favorite scene from the book.

No controversial tagline, no distracting title text: the latest bit of buzz from "The Fault in Our Stars" brings nothing but a sweet sneak peek at one of the movie's most-anticipated scenes ... and the sensation of being slowly drowned in a giant pool of emotions.

Released as an EW exclusive, the first-ever still from the romantic film shows cancer-stricken teen couple Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus (Ansel Elgort) gazing into each other's eyes in a bare-looking space which readers of the novel will immediately recognize as the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

In the book, the pair travels overseas to meet Hazel's favorite author; and while the trip's intended purpose doesn't pay off quite as expected, Hazel and Gus do wind up having a seriously adorable moment in the attic of the historic hiding-place-turned-museum.

The shot appears to take place just before the big, smoochy payoff, or possibly in its immediate aftermath; it's hard to tell if the actors are looking at each other with moony anticipation, or post-liplock exhilaration. But either way, it looks like fans of "The Fault in Our Stars" are going to get the romantic, authentic payoff they'd hoped for. And according to author John Green, who was on set while much of the movie was shot, this scene is every bit as perfect onscreen as it was in the book.

"I was there the day they filmed this," he wrote in a Tumblr post, "and after every single take, I would be like, 'THAT WAS AWESOME! ALL MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE! MAKE THEM DO IT AGAIN!'"

Hopefully, this means that footage of John Green shrieking for more (more, more!) kissing will make it into the special features when the film is released on DVD. In the meantime, "The Fault in Our Stars" hits theaters in June.