Taylor Swift Finally Gets Her VMA... And Breaks It

Red singer gets her not-so-gentle hands on her KAWS-designed Moonman for Best Female Video.

It's been nearly five months since Pharrell and the helmeted gentlemen of Daft Punk handed over a shiny new Moonman for Best Female Video to Taylor Swift at the 2013 Video Music Awards. And despite the fact that the KAWS-designed statue was something she'd been pining for all year —- "I really, really wanted this," she admitted in her acceptance speech that night — apparently, she didn't get to leave the Barclays Center with it on August 25.

Rather, it wasn't until Wednesday (January 8) that the Red singer finally got her hands on her second Moonman when it arrived in the mail. (She quite famously took home the award for Best Female Video in 2009 for "You Belong With Me.")

And apparently, she's inherited her BFF Ed Sheeran's tendency to debase the awards we at MTV so tirelessly toil away on. Because as she was showing off the burly (and KAWS-designed) astronaut to her many, many Instagram followers, she broke him.

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"Oh did I break it?" she said, as it seemed that she, in fact, had dislocated his iconic MTV flag. "Oh God... It's fine."

We hope so, Taylor. Did we mention that thing was designed by a legend?

We're hoping that before anything — before she hits stages across the world on her Red Tour with fellow trophy slayer Ed Sheeran, performs for British royalty or gets to work on that upcoming album — she makes it her priority to fix that flag.