11 Lyrics That Prove Tupac Would Have Made A Great 'Star Wars' Jedi

The hip-hop icon auditioned for Mace Windu, so we compiled his most Force-inspired lyrics

We have Grandmaster Flash. But we almost had Jedi Master Tupac.

News broke today that the legendary rapper auditioned for the role of Mace Windu in the "Star Wars" prequels. He was close to getting the part, but ultimately lost out to Samuel L. Jackson.

While the part never materialized for the hip-hop legend, we looked at Tupac's own lyrics to see what his Mace Windu would have been like. Here are some of his most Jedi-ready raps.

'I'm not a killa', but don't push me' - 'Hail Mary'

Mace Windu starts out in "Phantom Menace" as a very calm, peaceful presence on the Jedi council, but as the story progresses, he's forced into action to combat the rise of the Sith. Tupac clearly relates to this, only resorting to violence when pushed by others.

'Can you picture my prophecy?' - 'Me Against the World'

Mace and the Jedi Council were convinced that Anakin was the Chosen One from the prophecy to bring balance to the force. Tupac here is clearly asking us to imagine what the prophecy would have been like if he were on the Jedi Council.

'I be shinin' like white diamonds and crystal, glistenin' holdin' pistols' - 'When We Ride'

While Samuel L. Jackson insisted his lightsaber be purple, this gives us insight into what Tupac would have wanted. To stand apart, Tupac's Windu would have the only pure white lightsaber, one that would shine like crystal. And if we sub in "lightsabers" for "pistols," he probably would've been wielding two of them, which would have made for some badass fight scenes.

'I look back in hindsight the fight was irrelevant/ But now he's the devil's friend/ Too late to be tellin' him/ He shot first and I'll be damned if I run away' - 'Trapped'

Here, Tupac shows Mace's internal struggle while looking back on his fight with Jango Fett. Mace tried his best not to kill Jango, but the bounty hunter kept shooting at him, and Mace had to cut off his head. As he points out, the fight was irrelevant, since Jango's body had already been used to make the clone army, making him expendable.

'Now you're 'bout to feel the wrath of a menace.' - 'Hit 'Em Up'

Mace never wanted to train Anakin in the first place, and this is Tupac's warning about the [Phantom] menace the Jedi would soon face.

'Take the evil out the people they'll be acting right/ 'Cause both black and white are smokin' crack tonight/ And only time we deal is when we kill each other/ It takes skill to be real, time to heal each other.' - 'Changes'

Tupac's Mace would've been a bit more philosophical than Samuel L. Jackson's version. Here we see his plea for the Sith and Jedi (black and white) to make peace. The only time the two sides ever interact they try to kill each other, rather than trying to unite. His wish is finally answered as Darth Vader eventually acts right, kills the Emperor, and saves Luke in "Return of the Jedi." As for the crack, well, we guess the Empire has softer drug laws than we do.

'I'm contemplating plots wondering which door to go/ Brothas getting shot, comin' back resurrected' - 'Blasphemy'

Just like Tupac, Mace Windu has some conspiracy theories surrounding his death. This sounds like Mace, as he falls out the window after getting some intense Force lightning from Darth Sidious, choosing the doors between life and death, and leaves the door open for an eventual resurrection of the character.

'Silence is a must, violence is a plus' - 'Thug 4 Life'

Here we see Mace's Jedi mantra. It's essentially their equivalent of "Speak softly, but carry a big stick," only in this case, the stick is a lightsaber.

'Bury me in pieces 'cause they fear reincarnation' - 'Untouchable'

As we see in the movies, Jedi can come back from the dead as Force spirits and communicate with the living. While we never see Mace do this, it's clear that Tupac would've wanted him to be a Force ghost after his demise. Another possibility: we never actually see Mace die, and internet rumors that he lives are very much like those of Tupac. Sam Jackson himself even says that he thinks the character could still be alive. Even in "Star Wars," Tupac wouldn't be able to escape the conspiracy theories.

'You know what makes me unhappy/ When brothers make babies, and leave a young mother to be a pappy' - 'Keep Ya Head Up'

Here we see some sad foreshadowing about the fate of Anakin and his children. With Anakin's Dark Side obsession, he leaves his children fatherless and Padmé is forced to give birth without him. He would have left her to be a single mother, but even worse, Padme dies, leaving her children as orphans.

'I know my destiny is hell, did I fail?' - 'So Many Tears'

Mace's destiny, or so he believed, was to help fulfill the prophecy and make Anakin embrace his role as the Chosen One. Instead, Anakin turns to the Dark Side, helps kill all the Jedi, and Mace falls out of a window. So yes, Mace. You failed.