'The Simpsons' Lego Set And 7 Other Pop-Culture Lego Creations That Will Blow Your Mind

See the first official pics on tiny Springfield, including a be-sweatered Ned Flanders!

Just imagine: your own tiny Springfield.

Yes, it's true: the glory of "The Simpsons" has been recreated in Lego form, for your purchasing and building pleasure. Though it's billed for ages 12 and up, we're betting that it won't just be tweens eager to get their hands on this 2,500-plus piece set, which includes wee little figurines of the family, plus a tiny, sweater-clad Flanders to boot.

We've got the first official pics of the set that's had brick fans buzzing since last summer, courtesy of Lego.

View All Of The Official "The Simpsons" LEGO Set Photos Here!

The awesome set will be available February 1 and retails for $199.99. Of course, the Simpsons are hardly the first to break into the zone where pop culture and plastic toy bricks meet. So we rounded up nine other amazing, mold-breaking and mind-blowing Lego creations that came before it.

The 'Alien' Chestburster

It wants to be free. Set your chestburster free ... with the power of imagination.


Nathan Sawaya, known as the "Brick Artist," insists that he can't tell you who this life-sized sculpture is based on, but we can: Conan O'Brien! The late-night host with the most is immortalized in glossy plastic.

He Is Plastic Man

Hey, what were you up to when you were 14 years old? Building incredibly detailed life-size models of Iron Man out of your toys? Thought not. This kid totally was though, and bless his little cotton socks for that.

So 'Bad' It's Good

Your favorite show may have gone the way of Heisenberg, but that doesn't mean you can't still have your fun. Some genius went rogue and dreamed up this "Breaking Bad" RV set, to the delight of baddies everywhere.

Sad Lego-Keanu

From meme to meme-er: Sad Keanu has found that life in plastic is indeed fantastic. If you missed them in the background, allow us to point out this art's crowning glory: the ducks in the background.

Han Solo Frozen in Lego

Say what you will about a grown man who spends his time fondling plastic bricks all day, but then say "wow," because wow this Carbonite-frozen Han Solo Lego piece he made is bananas.

American Lego

Okay, this one didn't take the technical mastery and thousands of tiny Legos that some of our other examples did but ... come on. Just look at it. You can't look at this homage to "American Beauty" and tell us it's not as beautiful as a plastic bag floating on the wind.