Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Favorite Selfie, And Other Confessions In Q&A

What makes a Beautiful Dark Twisted selfie? Kim divulges selfie secrets.

If you've ever wanted to ask Kim Kardashian anything, now is the time. The "Keeping Up" star is revealing her secrets in an ongoing online Q&A session. And amid the lengthy back-and-forth with her fans, she shared what makes a perfect selfie.

Kim noted that her favorite pics are the ones where she looks the most glitzy, like her snaps from her travels around the globe as well as intimate shots of daughter North and fiancé Kanye West. So, do her favorite selfies also include her now infamous bathing suit snapshot?

Well, she left the answer pretty open-ended. "I love a good selfie ;-) My favorite is a glam selfie, usually at a shoot when I have fab make up on! Love sharing all the makeup tips," she wrote on Mobio Insider, when asked what her favorite selfie is.

In addition to dishing on her photos, the reality star also opened up about Yeezy. She revealed what song of his she really loves. Despite appearing in his video for "Bound 2," her choice track is off his 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. She revealed, " 'Lost In the World''s such a special song to me."

And while Kim is one of the most sought-over celebrities in the game, she isn't immune to criticism. She shared her philosophy on how to deal with the haters.

"It's hard because seems that these days people can never be happy for you. People can hide behind their computer and say whatever they want. Always throwing some shade to ruin a fun or exciting moment you may be having," she wrote. "You just have to be positive and truly ignore it. Never change who you are. Be happy for others, and be happy for yourself if you accomplished something you are proud of!"

In fact, Kim K credits her family for being her foundation in the face of any online hate she might receive. She wrote, "We always have each other to share life with! The good, the bad, everything!!!"

Of course, fans will get to learn even more about Kim when the ninth season "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" kicks off on E! on January 19.