New 'SNL' Player Sasheer Zamata Loves Beyonce Almost As Much As We Do

SNL's newest castmember reviewed most of Beyonce's new album on a podcast, and she's super into it.

OK, so here's yet another thing to love about new "Saturday Night Live" cast member Sasheer Zamata: She loves Queen Bey. Like, a lot. Almost as much as we do.

On a recent episode of Julie Klausner's "How Was Your Week" podcast (pre-casting announcement, as all the Zamata "we knew her when" fans will be fond of telling you), Zamata was interviewed extensively about, per her description on Tumblr, "Beyoncé and comedy and those are really the only things I ever talk about."

And she really likes Bey, guys.

"I was in my bed. It was midnight. And my best friend Nicole texted me and was like, 'Beyoncé dropped a new album!'" she says of the singer's surprise midnight album release. "I threw everything off my bed, try to get the iTunes to work... I was like I'm freaking out. I really was freaking out. I hadn't heard one note from this album, and I was like, I have to get it now. No questions asked, I will definitely buy this. I bought the whole visual album. I stayed up til like 3 in the morning watching all of these videos."

Zamata and Klausner went track by track through Beyoncé's newest album, "Beyonce," and verbally reviewed the bulk of the tracks, which we've broken down into meme form for your viewing pleasure.

"Pretty Hurts"

"I don't think it's about her being judged by her looks, I think she's trying to portray that women in general are judged by their looks. I mean, the whole scenario is ridiculous to watch in this video because it's like all of you are beautiful, especially Beyoncé...It's like oh, sad for you, you actually have boobs and they don't."


"I didn't like the song. I skipped the song. I skipped the video."


"She walked up those stairs for like 11 minutes, and I was like, why is it taking you so long to get upstairs? It's just those stupid rooms! [With] a sick person and a bunny rabbit or something. Like, nothing cool was happening up there."

"Drunk In Love" (feat. Jay Z)

"He looks thinner and, like, tired. It seems like every move Jay-Z did this year was to diss Kanye or undercut him."


"This is a cute one...The song is like, 'eat my p---y.' Which I love!"

"No Angel"

"I don't like the video; I like the song."


"I like it OK. It's just fine."


"I love 'Jealous.'"


"I think [it's about] a penis."

"Mine" (feat. Drake)

"That's the Drake one."


"The first part is like bow down, b----es. Then it goes into a different song that's like 'I woke up like this. Me! By myself! I'm awesome! I'm over it already, let's talk about how awesome I am!'"


"The video is super-boring because it's just walking down the street dressed in superhuman clothes."


"I think that Blue is so cute. She's walking and she's talking. She's like [baby noises]. You see her, like the back of her head, throughout the whole video and then she turns around. I just started shrieking when I saw her face."