We Asked 12 Music Experts To Complete '2014 Will Be...' And This Is What Happened

Pitchfork, Teen Vogue and more predict the future.

The year has barely begun, and all we can really say for it so far is "it's really, really freaking cold." But, well, there's 300+ more days to while away and we're guessing by the end of said days, '14 will have a lot more to show for it than frostbite alone. And a lot of those things will undoubtedly be related to music.

As we huddle like hibernating beasts in the beginning of 2014, MTV News turned to music experts across the spectrum — from musicians to music writers — to ask them all to finish one simple phrase: "2014 will be..."

Some made simple yet insightful predictions, while others pontificated a bit more -- but all left us wondering if they'd all come true by next New Year's Eve.

Check out their thoughts below and tweet @MTVNews with your own predictions with the hashtag #2014WillBe. You might just see your 140-character missive right here on MTV News.

2014 Will Be... 'The Year Of Miley Cyrus'

Max Page, Editor-in-chief of Popdust

"2014 will be the year of Miley Cyrus. With her upcoming tour and newfound knack for headline hogging you can expect yet more tongue poking, weed toking, little people groping, twerking shenanigans, and we are all going to carry right on documenting it....don't shoot the messenger..."

2014 Will Be... 'Dedicated To The Hustle'

Anamanaguchi, 8bit punk band and creators of one of the most well-funded music Kickstarters of all time

"2014 will be dedicated to the hustle and getting a dog to help out with all that."

2014 Will Be... A Year Of 'Monumental Change'

Tammy Tibbets, President/founder at She's the First and Girls Who Rock

"2013 will be the year that more musicians realize that their voices can be used to make monumental change in the world and elevate amazing nonprofits (like last year, when Beyoncé & Co. raised millions for girls and women worldwide through Gucci's Chime for Change concert — Florence Welsh actually urged her fans to support She's the First and we received $10,000 from an organization called Catapult!).

2014 Will Be... Will Be About 'The Internet Of Things'

Eliot Van Buskirk, Founder of Evolver.fm

"2014 will be the year when we are led by our nose for entertainment to the Internet of things. Just as the iPod begat the iPhone, and MP3 downloaders drove demand for high-speed Internet, once again, people's urge to listen to music in newer, easier ways will drive a much broader change. This time, it's about the Internet of Things — when many of the devices in our lives will get IP addresses and the ability to exchange data. Early examples of this: Muzik's headphones that have a Facebook Like button embedded on the outside of them, and the coming AllJoyn devices, which will let speakers display song titles. From there, it's not much of a stretch to imagine downloading specific instructions for a particular coffee bean to your coffee maker."

2014 Will Be... Music Will Go 'Local'

Robert Perlick-Molinari, Member of French Horn Rebellion and co-founder of Band Geeks Gone Wild

"2014 will be the year of bro-ing down and getting local. We won't be talking about how many cars we got, but instead, how much we love hanging with each other while riding down the highway. The 'hipster' trend of open communities, local food, and culture is going to go mainstream. Soon everybody will be asking where their chicken is from, and be listening to music made down the street."

2014 Will Be... The Year Of 'Indie Chicks With Killer Voices'

Casey Lewis, Online entertainment editor at Teen Vogue

"2014 is when all of our favorite indie chicks with killer voices and even better hair — Lorde and Lana, obviously, but also Foxes, Banks, and FKA Twigs — will (hopefully?) dominate the charts/take over the world/etc. I'm also crossing all of my fingers that The 1975 will reach One Direction-level fame. I mean, they're dreamy, dapper, British boys who sing love songs — so, really, why not?"

2014 Will Be... All About ' '80s-tinged Nostalgia'

Anthony Fantano, Founder of The Needledrop

"2014 will probably bring loads of comebacks and new releases that embrace a sense of '80s-tinged nostalgia, which both seem to be hot right now. But I'm personally looking forward to the new sounds that'll be brought to the table, and I'm sort of wondering when the '90s are going to come back into style."

2014 Will Be... 'The Year Of Elaborate Album Releases'

Brian Hernandez, Associate entertainment editor at Mashable

"2014 will be the year of elaborate album releases. Last year, for example, we saw Jay Z give away one million copies of his album to Samsung Galaxy owners through an app, influencing the Recording Industry Association of America to modernize its 55-year-old certification process to immediately include digital sales. We saw Beyoncé drop an album, let alone a video for every song on that album, solely on iTunes without any advance promotional marketing. These stunts will only grow in intensity and frequency in 2014 as labels and artists continue to experiment with popular online platforms and new technologies."

2014 Will Be... 'The Year Guitar Bands Win'

Patrick McNamara, Co-founder of Oh My Rockness

"2014 will be the year the guitar bands win — as the synths retreat to sulk and plot their revenge."

2014 Will Be... 'Another Good One'

Evan Minsker, Staff writer at Pitchfork

"2014 will apparently offer more new records from John Dwyer, Ty Segall and Protomartyr — so if everybody delivers, it should be another good one. Also I'm getting married in 2014, so it will, by default, be better than every other year combined."

2014 Will Be... 'The Year Of The Odd Couple'

Eric Victorino, The Limousines

"Obviously 2014 is the year of the odd couple... Look at Avicii's two Frankenstein beasts from the end of last year. Country vocals on top of EDM thuds?! I see some R&B vocals over some Skrillex, maybe some Screamo guest vocals on some polka tracks, maybe Ja Rule comes back and does a lullaby record."

2014 Will Be... 'The Year That Grimes Breaks Through'

Eric Weiner, Founder of The Wild Honey Pie

"2014 will be the year that Grimes breaks through to the mainstream. Like Bon Iver and Iron & Wine before her, Grimes is set to take the world by storm with her fourth studio album, due out later this year — though it will likely not be her album alone that helps her attain this. In this age, collaborations are everything — and Grimes is no stranger to this having been featured on the Caribbean-inspired Blood Orange track 'Phone Sex.' Claire Boucher has as unique a voice and production as anyone around and I really do think folks like Avicii, Calvin Harris, and even Pitbull will pick up on her. If this doesn't happen in 2014, I'll be shocked. Also, she's on Roc Nation now, so..."