Will Bieber Find Love? Will Taylor Keep Writing About It? A Psychic Predicts 2014

MTV News asks psychic Licorice Root to take a look into her pop culture crystal ball.

The New Year has arrived but has yet to truly get underway. We still can't be sure what will transpire in 2014 — unless, of course, we're the Doctor, or our amazing resident astrologer Licorice Root.

MTV News hit up Licorice Root to get an exclusive preview of the New Year — from who will be the Sexiest Man Alive to whether Miley's popularity will wax or wane. Check out her predictions below!

Who Will Be The 2014 Sexiest Man Alive?

2014's Sexiest Man Alive will be a tortured artist, for sure. He wants the spotlight, but will shy away when he gets it. He's likely to be a newcomer, someone with a past to hide, and definitely a very private person. Expect him to have lots of drama in the love department this year!

What's The Next Dance Craze To Usurp Twerking?

2014's new dance craze will be an updated version of a dance craze of the past — way, way past, perhaps the Waltz or Foxtrot. It's going to require a partner, or, at least, the dance it will be based on would have. 2014 is all about newcomers, so expect this craze to be started by someone we haven't met yet.

Will Taylor Swift's Next Record Be About Love?

OK, believe it or not, Taylor Swift is not the hopeless romantic she seems to be through her songs. I know this not because we share a meditation mat in the Himalayas, but because I'm an astrologer, and I see that this freedom-loving Sagittarius has her Venus in cool and aloof Aquarius. Writing about love is working for her, so she'll keep doing it whether or not she has her eye on someone.

Will Justin Bieber Ever Find True Love?

Not with his pants falling down that low! Well, we all know that's not true. Yes, Bieber truly does belieb in love; he's passionate and intense, and requires a partner who can match his fire. I don't think this will be the year he finds it, but I think 2014 will be an interesting year for him creatively and romantically. We might see him settling down then, or at least, acting a bit more family friendly.

Will Rihanna Drop A New Album?

Rihanna is going to get a lot of attention this year, especially around April — this could certainly mean she is going to drop a new album! I expect she'll be collaborating with other female performers, probably with people we wouldn't expect her to team up with. On a personal level, Rihanna's tastes have evolved this year, and the same old vibe doesn't work for her anymore. She's ready to try new sounds, looks and friends in 2014.

Who Will Be The Biggest Artist Of 2014?

We'll see a lot of newcomers in 2014, but whoever it may be will have to give off a Queen or King of the jungle vibe (Katy Perry! "Roar" was ahead of its time!), and like the upcoming Sexiest Man Alive, be mysterious and private. My sixth sense feels the biggest artist of 2014 will be someone who's just coming onto the scene, or who will leave a group or band behind to go solo and be seen as a "new" solo artist.

Will Miley's Reign Continue?

Yes, Miley will continue on her streak of infamy throughout 2014, with some major movement around July 4th. December 2014 may be when she decides to slow down or take some kind of break — she'll be exhausted, but I don't expect she will break down or freak out. At the end of the year, she may choose to take some time off to learn some new tricks. She isn't going anywhere!