'Daylight': Watch The First Trailer For Terrifying New Video Game

Game randomly generates new horror house every time.

Though most horror video games depend on playing through the same scares over and over, "Daylight" has some new tricks up its sleeve that will guarantee you'll lose sleep... As the new, terrifying trailer for the game from Atlus and Zombie Studios clearly shows.

In "Daylight," a woman suddenly finds herself in a not-so-welcoming abandoned haunted hospital; and really, is there any other kind? You'll have to guide her around solving puzzles, finding trinkets, and keeping her alive through one very bad night. With only a cell phone in hand, you'll relive the evil locked within the hospital's walls. And due to the first person perspective, "Daylight" really puts you in the shoes of the character, making you feel what she feels.

You might be saying, "But I've already played this a million times, what's the big deal?" The dark twist on the survival horror genre is that each player's experience will be slightly different, due to the randomization of the game's engine. Each play through will throw new encounters and frights with a randomly generated map. What's scarier than having to navigate a new haunted house every time you boot up the game?

And with the rise of streaming gameplay on PlayStation 4, expect to see even more frightened players on streaming services, screaming in their mics as they star in their own "Blair Witch Project."

Look for "Daylight" early this year on the PS4 and PC.