Lorde Geeks Out With Tavi Gevinson In Rookie Interview

Lorde's fangirling makes our head explode.

If you haven't heard, Lorde is 17, has big hair, and doesn't twerk like Miley Cyrus. At least, that's what every interview pounds into our heads.

That's where Tavi Gevinson's Rookie interview with the pop star is different.

Gevinson focuses on portraying Lorde as normal — instead of repeating all the questions reporters have asked her before. As peers — Gevison, who is also 17, also got an early start on her career and tries to represent teens honestly — the two just carry on a regular conversation, gushing over Taylor Swift from time to time.

Like any normal person, Lorde is a fan, making her more relatable than ever before. This is why we decided to round up Lorde's thoughts on her colleagues, from Beyoncé to Miley Cyrus. There's no fangirling like celebrity fangirling.

On Beyoncé

"It also just feels like the album that I have wanted to hear from Beyoncé for such a long time, and I'm so happy that it has happened. ... It feels really personal. It meant a lot to me — I was just like, Sh--, I'm so happy that this exists right now and also I'm so glad that no year-end lists matter anymore."

On Arcade Fire

"The album The Suburbs by Arcade Fire was influential to me in that as way well. I just think that record is really beautiful and nostalgic and so well-written. It's a super-direct way of talking about what it's like to grow up [in the suburbs], and I think that's quite lovely."

On Miley Cyrus... Kinda

"In the space of three months, going from never having done an interview to being in Rolling Stone, being in Interview, and not really realizing how that whole thing works. That stuff was so weird. But now I've kind of got a handle on it. Now when people are like, 'Tell me what you think of Miley!' I'll say, 'What do you think of Miley?' and they like flounder and say, 'Well, I think she's really talented...' and I'm like, there you go."

On Calvin Klein And Fashion

"A lot of '90s fashion isn't simple, but, for example, Kate Moss in the Calvin Klein ads, or a white T-shirt and black pants, just that kind of clean, powerful aesthetic — that's what I'm really drawn to."

On Ke$ha And Being Indie

"I remember being in year eight, the year before high school, and absolutely loving 'Tik Tok' by Ke$ha, and then six months later I got really into Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear and Yeasayer. I still love those bands, but I definitely went through a 'you have to forget about the Ke$ha part of your life' thing."

On Timberlake, Nelly Furtado Making Pop Cool

And then I realized that pop is really cool. In year 10, I have a really good friend called Zack, and we basically spent the first year of our friendship listening to old Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado and picking apart their melodic brilliance and everything that made us feel something and what it all meant."

On Kanye West

"He just seems so at one with who he is creatively and that is really admirable, I think. And then, just as a performer, I often find myself telling people, 'Can we just make this a little bit more like a Kanye performance?' "

On James Blake

"I love watching James Blake. He's super restrained; and he doesn't really even do anything, but I think that makes small things magnified. I think Grace Jones is so cool. I've never actually seen her live, but all the footage I've seen is incredible. Of course Stevie Nicks. Justin Vernon from Bon Iver is super cool to see live as well."

On Taylor Swift

"She is so good as a performer. I don't think people realize how difficult a stadium is to perform in. You have to change how you move and how you talk to accommodate that scale, and she is SO good at that. It feels natural when she does it. I'm so in awe of her ability, it's insane."