Does Tom Hiddleston Have A Marvelous Secret?

Marvel's 'Thor: The Dark World' Blu-ray release includes a short film called 'All Hail the King.' Is it about Loki?

Something is awesome in the state of Asgard.

As per their custom, Marvel Studios will unveil a new short film when they release "Thor: The Dark World" on Blu-ray and DVD next month. The new Marvel: One-Shot is called "All Hail the King," and while there are no official details just yet, the title alone gives us something to work with.

Turn back now if, for whatever very bad reason, you haven't seen the "Thor" sequel yet. Otherwise, put on your horn-rimmed tin-foil hats, and we'll continue together.

A title like "All Hail the King," in connection with "Thor: The Dark World," can really only mean one thing: Tom Hiddleston's Loki is involved. When the "Thor" sequel ended, everyone in Asgard assumed Thor's trickster brother to be dead, killed in battle against the vicious Malekith the Accursed. That's not what happened, of course. Loki faked his own death, stole his way back to Asgard, and somehow usurped the throne from his adoptive father, Odin. By the end of "Dark World," Loki wore both Odin's face and Asgard's crown, with the fate of the true Odin left up to the viewer's imagination.

The Loki twist certainly sets things up for another epic "Thor" sequel, or even a third "Avengers" film, once Thanos and his minions are pulled into the mix. But fans want Loki sooner than that. They want him now, actually, in a movie all his own, if the online petition for a "Loki" solo movie is any indication. It makes sense for Marvel to give fans what they want, albeit in a smaller capacity than a full-length feature-film. A short movie all about Loki, focusing on his new reign as Asgard's king, will whet some of those fans' appetites, if only for a time.

The big wrinkle in the Loki short film theory, however, is this: how does Ben Kingsley fit in? Just a few months ago, the "Iron Man 3" actor confirmed his participation in an upcoming Marvel project. Shouldn't he be more at the center of "All Hail the King," then? How would he fit into a Loki-centric vision?

Easy! Just as Loki had cause to shape-shift into Chris Evans' Captain America during "The Dark World," there will be some unforeseen reason for Hiddleston's Loki to appear as Kingsley's "Mandarin" at some point during "All Hail the King." Case closed.

Well, not quite case closed. As with all things Marvel, it's best not to consider anything locked-and-loaded until official word comes down from on high. But with the "Thor" Blu-ray scheduled to arrive at the end of February, it's a safe bet that we'll have an official answer one way or another before too long.

What do you think "All Hail the King" is about? Do you think it's a Loki story? Hit us in the comments section below with your thoughts and theories!