7 Things We Need To See In The 'Veronica Mars' Trailer

With first trailer for Kristen Bell's 'Veronica Mars' movie set to debut Thursday, MTV News hopes for a kiss, a fight and Amanda Seyfried.

The countdown is on, Marshmallows: On March 14, just 71 short days from now, the new "Veronica Mars" movie will premiere.

In the seven years since the beloved noir show — starring Kristen Bell as the titular spunky teen P.I. — aired its finale, we've been biding our time, reading cheap mystery paperbacks and mourning while listening to Adele. (Never mind, we won't find someone like you, VMars.)

Now, the time is nigh. This summer at San Diego Comic-Con, we got our first look at footage from the "Veronica Mars" movie, and Thursday (January 2), the first trailer is set to debut.

MTV News is home to die-hard gumshoes who can't wait to see where Veronica is now — 10 years down the line. Here are seven things we want to see in the trailer:

Veronica's Signature Snark

This one's pretty much a given, but wouldn't it be weird if Veronica wasn't sassy? For posterity's sake, universe, hear our plea: We're gonna need some witticisms up in this trailer. In the footage we've already seen, Veronica says that Neptune High is "literally on a hellmouth," inviting comparisons to another petite blonde with a way for words. Game on, Buffy.

Always Bring Backup

You know what they say: Always bring Backup. Backup the pit bull is a girl's best friend, and it's only right that he gets his moment on the big screen. Yes, we're aware that it's been 10 years, which is a long time in dog years, but we're a fanbase that's seeing a three-season show revived with its original cast after the better part of a decade. More outlandish things than extremely durable canine pals are possible.

A Piz Fight

Oh, gentle, kind, good-hearted Piz. You're so good for Veronica. You make her so happy. You know what would make us happy? To see you fight. In the Comic-Con footage, Piz (Chris Lowell) says that it's "what men do," but we don't actually see him do it. Let's get to it!

Keith & Veronica: Together Again

Something we haven't seen in any of the footage so far is Veronica's father, Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni), back together with his daughter. We get that she's grown up, and the main mystery is hooked on her high school reunion, but Keith and Veronica's relationship was the heart of the show. If we don't see Keith and Veronica trading barbs and hugs, we might just burn our marshmallows.

A Little Tongue

Forgive us if you've heard this in a Disney movie before, but you've gotta kiss the girl. Whether you're pulling for Piz, whom Veronica is dating at the outset of the movie, or Logan (Jason Dohring), there's no denying that Logan and Veronica have amazing chemistry and some unresolved sexual tension to sort out. Sort it out. With your mouths. In the trailer. Come on: Their couple name could literally be LoVe. Just humor us.

Amanda Seyfried Returns

OK, we get that Seyfried is a huge star now, but her role as the murdered Lilly Kane was the driving force behind pretty much every "Veronica Mars" story line. There's a good chance that if Rob Thomas and team did manage to snag Seyfried for a cameo, they wouldn't give it up in the trailer. But we're still hoping Lilly shows up for one last dream sequence.

Bonus: Don Cheadle

There's literally no reason for Kristen Bell's "House of Lies" co-star to show up in "Veronica Mars," let alone the movie trailer. But if he does, fingers crossed he shows up as War Machine from the "Iron Man" movies. There's no reason to think "Veronica Mars" doesn't exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, right?

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